playing hookie...& some blog housekeeping

i'm taking a wee bit of a break today to go rock my new bangs...i'm feelin' it  what do you think? keeping in line with the "i'm pampering myself to try to forget all the concussion, back injury, stomach bugs and lady probs that i've been dealing with since october" i got my hair cut the other night and asked my amazing hairdresser (who's leaving me to go on a 6mth sabbatical across france..wahhhhh!!!) to give me some rockin' mom hair and she sure did.  i love it.  i'm also playing a bit of hookie today to do a fun photoshoot for my upcoming sewing pattern/tutorial that i'm biting the bullet and releasing for sale! i'm excited and nervous all at the same time. ohhhhh...i cannot wait for you all to see it!  my lovely pal jane richmond is modelling for me again and she's just gonna look so stylin' in it!  for all you awesome ladies who so kindly offered to pattern test for me it's coming. i'm hoping to have it out to you today so get those sewing machines ready :)

i also figured that since our knit alongs are just so awesomely (word?) fun that i better make it a bit easier for you peeps to find them (and me too)!  it sure was fun for me to look back and see all the knitting that has gone on since june of last year! wowsa how time flies!!!  if you look on the sidebar now you will find a "luvinthemommyhood knit alongs" button that you can click on that will take you to the post that i give you a sneak peek of above.  please feel free to comment and let me know if i'm missing anything you'd like to see added to the list.  it's a work in progress and sort of a hub for our kal's so i'm always open for input.

what have you all been up to this week?  i love the feeling after a new haircut...i just wish i really could sleep upright without moving so i could keep my awesome haircut in immaculate condition.  anyone else recently made a "hair change"?  what are you crafting this week?  share, share...i'm dying to hear what's been going on.  happy thursday!  that means it's almost friday..woot woot!