Fabric Business Card Holders

i went out of town for the weekend to a fibre festival with some friends and i knew a few of us would definitely need business card holders.  i have a nice big one from moo.com that i received when i ordered my cards but i was in the mood for something lighter that i could easily stash in my yarn bag and pull out when needed.  so on friday i lovingly and painfully cut into some of my lotta jansdotter stash and made these three beauties for myself, jane and rebecca.  both of theirs match their blogs ...yes, i'm silly that way...lol..and mine, well, mine doesn't match but i thought the grey and light purple were pretty and there was no turquoise that i loved :)

1. little florine sarsaparilla 2. lena sweet azalea 3. little florine brass mesh - all by lotta jansdotter
i followed this tutorial to make the business card holders.  only thing i changed was the fact that i cut mine at 5" instead of 5 1/2" because i only had charm pack sized squares of the lotta.  it makes it a tad tight to fit cards in on both sides but they do fit...thankfully :)  but if you make them i recommend using 5 1/2", especially if you have bigger cards like mine.

here's jane's...

1. lena rugged suede & choma golden rod 2. little florine brass mesh all by lotta jansdotter
and this one is rebecca's...

1. little florine sarsparilla 2. florine sarsparilla & ranka sarsparilla all by lotta jansdotter
and this one is mine.

1. lena sweet azelea 2. choma azalea & aneta ironwood all by lotta jansdotter
we had lots of fun using them at the festival and they definitely came in very handy.  my fave part are the buttons.  it takes me forever to choose buttons for projects because i love buttons so much.  i think the are like the icing on the cake :)  aren't they purdy?

what do you guys think?  you likey? it's funny because i look at them and see our personalities...it was fun to pick the colors and fabrics.  do you make your own business card holders?  what pattern do you use?  are you in love with the lotta jansdotter fabrics too?  happy monday!  oh, and don't worry, there are A LOT of pics to come this week of the weekend.  it was soooo fun and i'm sad it's over already.  i'll be sure to fill you all in soon!