weekend wishes

 to get ready for my much anticipated weekend...

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 embrace the joy of having a sans kid weekend...

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to convince my mom to give me her clocks so i can paint them turquoise..lol...

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to get a chance to soak up some sunshine...

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and to come home from this weekend with enough wool for a yarn wall...j/k..sort of.

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it's here!  the weekend i've been counting down for 2 months!  yeehaw!  almost 2 whole days sans kidlets!  i'm super happy but also nervous and sad.  it's the first time i've ever been away from both of my babies.  i've only ever been away from mackenzie when i gave birth to harper so that's a lot of nights and days that i've spent with them.  it's going to feel weird to be without them and the hubs.  i'll miss my little family and i'll prolly cry at least once but i'm also gonna have a friggin good time too!  woo hoo!!!

me and 4 other pals are hitting up fibres west in abbostford, bc tomorrow and then spending the night downtown vancouver in a pretty nice hotel!  so excited!  i miss my old stomping grounds of vancouver, it is where i met my hubby after all, and i cannot wait to drive over the bridge into downtown and just soak up the energy and the buzz of it all.  i miss living there a lot. don't get me wrong,i love living in victoria, they are just very different from each other and i being a gemini, love things from each place.  needless to say it will be awesome to go back even if for 24 hrs or less..lol.  i will be getting up in the morning at like 4:45am to make myself look presentable before we hit the early morning ferry..yes, that is how excited we are to get over the mainland...we will wake up at 5:00 in the morning even though the kids are still asleep!!!!  definitely a sign of momentary insanity!

so my weekend plans are to go to bed very early tonight, cuddle my babies and hubs as much as i can and then whoop it up with the girls & shop for yarn!!!! hopefully i won't be too exhausted come monday...lol..and won't forget to take pics for all you ladies to see.  bring on the sweet georgia yarns people!!! 

what are you all up to?  what are your weekend wishes?  fill me in!  i'm wishing you all a fun, belly laughs, cuddles & coffee filled weekend topped with lots of momma time for crafting and relaxing!  see ya on monday!