moments in the mommyhood - mission impossible

yesterday i attempted mission impossible to try to get both my kids to nap at the same time so i could get some daylight, non-weekend hours of sewing in.  i donned my mommy action figure gear and did my best but i sadly admit i sort of failed.  i did get barbie to have a nap though and the kids did have about 45 mins of quiet time....meaning they laid on the couch together and played quietly while watching a show.  i did end up getting a little bit of sewing time in so i guess my lame tom cruise attempt at taking down the enemy was not a complete  what i didn't beat was a cold i think is trying to take me down.  i'm fighting it people.  so i'm going to take barbie's place today and take it easy and go lay on the couch with my bottle of  could you imagine?  someone needs to invent a spill proof bottle of coffee that i can just lay and sip with..lmao.

i'm also going to try to madly finish my classic raglan pullover that i'm working on as part of the canadian living classic raglan knit along.  i'm just about to bind off my bottom rib, done the neckband rib (which i have a funny story to share about that next week) and now have to knit up the sleeves.  i'm praying i don't get hit by a bad case of guys know how much i detest sleeve knitting :P  at this point i just want to wear the darn thing not knit 2 sleeves.  and if i'm feeling up to it i've got a ton and i mean a ton of sewing that needs to be done. lots of exciting things in the works folks! can't wait to show them all to you!

i also want to say a huge thank you to and to all of you lovely readers who voted for me to be one of the's top 50 craft blogs for the second year in a row!!! i'm seriously thrilled and beyond excited!!! i'm honored to be included amongst the sheer awesome group of talented women in this top 50!  it made my month!! in fact i'm still skipping around all over the house about it!!!! so thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  if you haven't gone over already please do go check out the line up of winners and also you can read the witty little bio they wrote about luvinthemommyhood here.  cracks me

hope you all have a great day and take some "barbie" time for yourselves too.  i'm going back to my couch and oj.  see ya tomorrow!  what parenting mission have you taken on and won or failed? i think this scenario calls for a good commiseration don't you?

p.s. so excited to see you all sign up for the tops, tanks & tees kal!!!  my yarn came yesterday afternoon and i'm super excited to do my gauge swatch this weekend!