moments in the mommyhood - playing hookie

after wind storms, rain storms, hail storms and snow over the last few weeks we finally have some gorgeous amazing sunshine here on the island.  i've been super tired and worn out since getting back from my weekend rendezvous and feel like i've frantically been playing catch up since then.  my inbox has become a giant monster that scares the wits out of me at the moment so please bear with me as i slowly work my way through the emails.  in the meantime i'm playing hookie today with my wee girls.  we're hitting the beach for some sunshine and fun.  we gotta soak up the vitamin d while we can get it because the way our weather has been it will be snowing by  i'll be back tomorrow with the rest of my fibres west pics :)

anyone else playing hookie today?  are any of you feeling like you just can't get caught up lately?  going to bed early these last few nights has me behind on everything...sad part is that i had just got caught up before i went out of town and the hubs even cleaned the house for me while i was gone (thank you you)! what a guy!  it's only wed did this happen..muahaha!  i've got a zillion lists to work my way through.  i hope you all have a wonderful and very caught up sunny wed too!  see ya tomorrow :)