Violette Fields Patterns - Paper Pattern Review!

i've got a little something purdy to share with you all today from one of my wonderful sponsors.  i received an email a while back from the lovely and talented ladies over at violette field threads and i have to admit i got pretty excited when i heard their news.

i heart my sponsors and one of my favorite things about helping to promote women working in creative businesses is watching them succeed and their dreams come true.  so when they wrote to  me to tell me they were branching their pdf patterns out into paper patterns i thought wahoo!!!  they are gonna be gorgeous!  needless to say i was pretty excited to check them out and was definitely not disappointed!

the first three of their patterns to be released were molly, vivenne and stella.  three of my fave violette field patterns which was like icing on the cake!  i've previously made "the audrey dress " and i'm a big fan of their pdf patterns.

true to their timeless style and aesthetic the patterns came to me beautifully packaged and designed.  it was like getting a little magazine with a pattern it. the paper even feels like magazine quality. they have a nice, clean design and there are tons of bright, clear photographs to go along with the patterns.  the inside of the booklet is wonderfully laid out and flows naturally to the reader.

the booklet is accompanied by the the pattern pieces.  both are easy to follow and the cutting charts, instructions and layout are user friendly and suitable for any level of sewer.  i think they did a wonderful job!  even the paper pattern itself was pretty :) 

i found that they even covered the little details that make pattern reading that much simpler.  i especially liked that they have helpful hints and how to's at the beginning of each booklet as well as throughout the instructions themselves - they are very thorough and i really enjoyed flipping through the booklet.  i also appreciated the booklet style of the pattern instructions.  i find it makes it so much easier when reading along at the machine to have a booklet style because i have to admit i do get quite lazy when printing out pdf patterns and tend to just refer to my computer which takes me so much extra time so this was a refreshing change for me.  the booklet opens easily and lays nice and flat - no page flipping on it's own which is a pet peeve of mine.

violette field threads patterns cover such a wide array of sizes as well which is one of my favorite features about them as a pattern company. most of their patterns cover from 2 years to 10 years old!! some even go as low as 12 mths! wowsa!   i love the fact that i can make the same item for both of my girls with many more years of sizing to come.  i think that is a great benefit of their patterns and one that makes buying an actual paper pattern so worth the money.  the quality and design speaks for itself.  it makes me super excited to get on my sewing machine just looking at them.  you can really tell how much love and thought went into each design.  great job ladies!

so pop on over to violette field threads and see what's new!  i'm positive you won't be disappointed. 

a big thank you to the violette field threads for the lovely patterns & your support and also a giant sized congrats your way - i wish you so much success with your new venture!!! i know you will do amazing!!!  big hugs your way!!!

you can find all things violette field threads here on their website and also on their facebook page.

are you a fan of paper patterns?  are you smitten with violette field threads too?  what's your favorite thing about paper patterns vs pdf patterns?  let's chat sewing ladies!  i'm getting my machine all warmed up :P