weekend wishes

to have a wonderful easter weekend...

Easter Chicks Tutorial from Myrtle & Eunice
yippeeeeeeee...it's the weekend!  no long weekend here in our house though. the hubs works straight through the long weekend with no days off but we're still going for a yummy dinner at my sis's house on sunday.  i can't wait to eat easter dinner and not have to be the one worrying about doing the cooking :)  yay! i'm going to see how the kidlets and i are feeling after this weekend but hopefully i'll be back on monday.  we've got another giveaway for you all and i'm hoping another sewing tutorial too! so stay tuned!  wishing you all a wonderful, candy coated, bird dancing, crafty, family dinner, coffee sipping, egg hunting filled kinda weekend!

what are your plans?  do you get a long weekend with your family?  any special crafting you do with your kiddos for easter?  sun's out and i think we should meet at starbucks..you in?