moments in the mommyhood: on the mend

i'm going to take some time today to spend with my girls.  it's been a rough week in our house battling the croup, late nights in the ER and the hubs in the middle of tax season.  can we say stressful?  yep.  so today we are taking it easy and going to rest up some more and make sure we are all on the mend. 

it's never fun having your wee one be sick and the croup is definitely not an easy one to deal with.  she has gotten it every year at this time and i tell you it scares us every year and this year was no exception.  i'm scared for her, scared harper is going to get it, scared i'm going to get bronchitis (that's usually what happens) and scared the hubs is gonna burn out.  but so far it's thursday and we are surviving.  we spent yesterday laying in a fort, watching alvin & the chipmunks:chipwrecked, drinking smoothies and had a short jaunt at the park for some fresh air & to run our beans  there were coughs and still sickies but i'm still fighting it off and mack is hanging in there like a real trooper.

i snapped a shot of harper daydreaming out the window above and thought it summed up the difficult balance of taking care of one sick child without ignoring the other.  i couldn't help but wonder what she was thinking about.  prolly wishing she was outside playing rather than being couped up all week inside while her big sissy is sick. poor little thing.  hopefully she can get some fun time in on the weekend for easter.  

since i was taking pictures mackenzie wanted to as well.  so i let her get a few shots and i was pleasantly surprised at some of her pics.  she made me promise to "put these up on the blog thingie".  she is always telling people about the blog and asking when i photograph her if it will be on there.  she loves it and she was super excited to see her pics go up today.  i think she did a good job taking the shot above this and below of me.  what a little trooper!  i set up the camera settings for her and then she held it and took the shot. 

besides taking care of the kiddos and nursing my own cold i've been knitting like a mad woman.  i'm trying so hard to get my classic raglan pullover done for saturday's knit night so i can wear it.  i finished my first sleeve last night..phew...and am picking up to knit the 2nd one today.  i hate knitting sleeves though...bah...but 3 other pals finished theirs and we thought it would be fun if some of us wore  yeah, that's how we

pattern: in threes: a baby cardigan by kelly without a net
yarn: knit picks swish worsted in colorway lotus on 5mm needles

i'm also trying to finish up the adorable little cardigan below for mackenzie for her bday this month.  i'm making "in threes: a baby cardigan" by kelly without a net in a size 4/5T using knit picks swish worsted in colorway lotus.  she picked out her color and i just love it!  it's pink but not a dull expected pink, but a rich, luscious tone.  super pretty on her.  this pattern has been a fun and fast knit.  i adore garter stitch so any pattern with hits of it in it are a win win for me.  i'm also making the same pattern for harper too for her bday in may.  so in order to not feel guilty about casting on next week for my gemini i need to finish up the classic raglan and the in threes for mackenzie.  it's gonna be a knit fest in here people!  the needles are on fiiiiirrreeee!

the pattern calls for 3 little buttons and i'm stressing already. i obsess over buttons for garments.  i love them so much that i can never decide.  anybody have any suggestions as to what you would use?  colorways?  wood?  not wood?  any shops you recommend on etsy for adorable buttons?  should i  make my own covered buttons with a cute print?  what would you do?

how's things this week in your house? what are you working on? are any of you having a rough week too?  wanna chat about it?  let's cheer each other up...come on over...the coffee is on and there's a seat here just for you <3