weekend wishes

to add some color to my wardrobe to brighten up my day...

image source: style me pretty
to drink a lot of coffee...all. weekend. long...yesssss...

image source: bird and bloke
to seriously sew like a mad woman at sewing group...

to soak up the sunshine...

and to get my hands on this line of fabric...sooner than later (damn you vanessa..wink..wink).

simply color by v and co. for moda
finally, finally it's the weekend. i feel like i can breathe a little bit better.  i've got knit night tomorrow and sewing group all day sunday...yee haw!!!! i hope to be one happy momma come next week :)  i cannot wait to have multiple hours in a row of uninterrupted child free sewing time.  yessssss.....it's gonna be good. i picked up some batting on monday and i have a new friend for my sewing machine that i will reveal to you all soon and that i cannot wait to try it out.  hopefully i can get more than a big chunk done on mackenzie's zig zag quilt and finish up a few custom orders for the sweetheart dress.

i've also been having to do the dreaded deed of bathing suit shopping...oh my....lord help me.  it's scary...frightening..and needless to say i haven't found one yet and am terrified of trying on any more of them.  the one i currently own i really like but i now have the horrible see through butt happening...so not flattering.  must fix.  anybody recommend a fave place to shop for suits that is budget friendly, in style but has a bit more coverage for my lady bits so i can play at the pool without flashing the whole lot of em?  i really just wish bikini bottoms fit like my fave pair of undies too.  no tiny elastic going around my muffin top.  i really wanted a tankini this year to mix it up from always wearing a one piece. now don't get me wrong, i don't want one where my tummy is showing, just two pieces ya know.  i found one i like online but the price is hefty when you ship it with customs/duties etc. and i don't even know if it will fit. eeeekkk!  their size chart is saying i am 4-5 sizes bigger than i would normally wear.  hellooooo??????  what is wrong here people????

anyhoo...this is our home stretch for tax season. the last weekend before the deadline.  i cannot wait for it to be over.  i cannot wait to see my hubby again...ok...who am i fooling...he's not done school, but i may see him a tiny bit more than before so any amount is better than less right? 

wishing you all a crafty filled, sunshine basking, coffee sipping, deep belly laughter, non bathing suit shopping, family cuddle filled weekend <3 what are you guys up to this weekend?  what are you working on?  any fun projects planned?  weekend wishes?  comment my friends...it makes my day!  

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