sewing up a storm!

hello! happy monday everyone! how was your weekend?  i hope you all had a good one.  i thought i would pop in today to show you all what i've been busy working on behind the scenes.  i recently took some custom orders for my "sweetheart dress" and have been having a blast picking fabrics and sewing them up.  there's more to come too.  i've got more than a few left to sew up in the next couple of weeks.

fabric: sweet jasmine grey - daisy chain by amy butler from stitch simple
lining - stash...not sure what it is :(
i'm also waiting on some new fabrics to make some more of the dresses to list for sale in my etsy shop so stay tuned.  also a pattern may be in the works with all the bodice sizes so you can purchase it and make your own sweetheart dress!  wahoo!!!  that may be a bit more time in the making but for now i will be selling these sweet little dresses in limited batches in the shop.  keep your eyes open for commuter cowls too!  i'm so excited to get some of those out for sale for those of you who don't sew who asked me for ones.  i've got some fun and modern prints coming in to showcase the commuter cowl perfectly!  it's seriously a staple in my wardrobe and one of my favorite things that i have made/designed. love it.

i've got lots of ideas for new designs as well and will be going in my first craft sale late this summer. i can't wait.  now to find the time to blog, sew, knit, design and a mommy and wife too.  not enough hours in the  there may be a few weeks on here that i don't post here and there so bear with me.  it won't be tons but i am seriously considering taking one day out of the week not to blog so i can focus solely on designing that day.  it's something i'm really enjoying that i really don't have enough time to do at the moment.  my sketchbooks and journals are bursting and the ideas are keeping me up at night. so this momma's just gotta get them out into the world.  they are like my little babies :)

totally off topic aren't these little hearts adorable?  i keep swooning over the hearts that get cut out of the dresses and decided to send them along to the happy customer as a wee tag of sorts.  i simply zig zagged and pinked the edges for a bit of a shabby chic look and then used my pfaff ambition 1.0's letter stitching to sew the words 'the sweetheart dress' onto the heart.  stitched on a ribbon and attached it to the dress.  i thought it was a sweet touch and to go along with my business card and a handwritten card.  i luv when i receive orders/packages with extra goodies like that and i hold onto them in a special place in my sewing area.  it's the thought behind them that makes them so special.  anyone can print an invoice but it takes time and love to put that special little bit of happiness in a handmade parcel.  i hope they love their dresses as much as i do.

here's some shots of a few of the others i've made recently...

fabric: optic blossom in linen - midwest modern by amy butler from stitch simple
lining: stash...not sure what it is :(
fabric: bike it -commute by birch fabrics from fabricworm
lining: birdie spokes - mod basics by birch fabrics from fabricworm
don't they look so cute all together?  makes me all warm inside.

whatcha think? you likey?  would you like to see a pattern for sale of the sweetheart dress?  which sizes would you like it to go up to for children?  have you sewn one yet? i'd love to see it if you have!  what have you been working on?  chat, chat...and show me pics/blog posts! i love seeing what you are all up to - it's so fun!

p.s. - stay tuned...that tutorial i've been promising is up this week!! 

p.p.s - please ignore my iron sucks and is being dumped. i'm on the hunt for a new one...any recommendations?