moments in the mommyhood - time for twos

my little baby girl is 2 today.  i can't believe my curly haired angel isn't going to be a wee baby anymore.  i'll prolly be crying sporadically all throughout the day today knowing that the hubs and i are closing the chapter of babydom in our home.  no more breastfeeding, late night wake ups, new baby smells, constant diaper changes and first smiles.  but there will be more firsts and more fun changes during our adventure in parenthood but i'm still sad to leave all things baby behind.

i fought to keep harper (i was on bed rest with her when i first got pregnant) and i fought to give birth to her (to this day i don't fully talk about my birth story) and i will fight to always hold her close to my heart forever.  this little girl is and will always be "my baby".  her little smile and laugh will forever warm my heart and brighten my day...she is my little sidekick and i'm trying so hard to freeze frame all of these moments and to hold onto what little baby i have left in her as she is very quickly developing quite a confident and strong willed personality...she has to in order to survive in a household with her big sister :P

we had a great mother's day weekend and i got spoiled with a sleep in, very yummy breakfast, and some handmade pressies from the kiddos and the hubby cleaned! gotta love that! we got some family time together and that's what mattered to me most.  the sun was shining and i had a lot of coffee and my loved ones nearby :)

the hubs took the kidlets out on saturday so this momma could get some work done and i found some pictures on the all know what that means.....moments in the daddyhood!  lol!  they got a new golfing toy and some big bouncy balls and they set out to hit the grassy areas of town.

i got a wee bit nervous when i saw the shot below...

she sure means business with that ball..haha.  harper's face is priceless in this shot.  she's pretty darn mad at that ball.  i always wonder exactly what goes on with they are out adventuring with daddy and i know i will never know nor will a part of me want to.  i'm just too much of a "mom".  too worried about them getting hurt or 

all in all we had a great weekend and we hope to have a great day today for our baby girl's 2nd birthday.  we asked her what she wanted for her birthday and all she would say is cake. over and over she also became very attached to a little mini grocery cart at the toy store on the weekend and we surprised her with that too.  it's great for she cleans up everything on the floor by putting it all in her grocery cart. out of sight out of mind right? muahaha - i'll take it :)

how was your weekend?  did you have a good mother's day?  do you have a hard time when your youngest is no longer a baby and you know you aren't having anymore kids?  let's chat! coffees on!