tops, tanks & tees knit along - a case of startitis

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oops....i've been a bad girl.  momentum on my (2) tops, tanks & tees knit along projects has been slow.  yes, i'm lagging.  i got bit by the "let's start another project" bug and just kept going and  admittedly some of the other projects have been sewing and have had deadlines so they don't count.....right? ;P ok...the madeline tosh dk that i've started a new pattern for you all doesn't really need to be worked on either right?  i'm horrible i know...i really need help for my

i have been plugging away at my folded top though - it's the perfect purse knitting.  i'm now at the point where i can start decreases so i'm happy about where i am on it since it's such a thin yarn.  i got a good chunk of knitting in on my gemini on saturday at knit night though.  i promised myself i would only work on it the whole night and i did but geezzz....i'm not even separated for the sleeves yet.  sure sucks to be a size  rebecca is doing a small or something teeny like that and she's way past me and only had to do 1 lace repeat and i had to do  darn boobies.  i know that once i separate the sleeves though i hope to just motor along.  i really want to wear it and try it on yet again :)  so excited to pair this color up with my jeans and a white tank! purdy!

here's some shots of my gemini top:

pattern: gemini by jane richmond yarn: knit picks cotlin in colorway clementine
not too bad right?  i'm getting there...slowly but surely.  here's folded:

pattern: folded by veera valamaki yarn: malabrigo sock in colorway ochre
i got 4 1/4 inches done on this puppy.  in light fingering i'm happy with that progress.  it's a relaxing knit so far and i'm seriously over the moon with this yarn.  hellooooo malabrigo...i loooove you :)  and the color...swoon...the color is delicious.  for both projects actually.  whenever i bring them out of my project bags i just think yay!  so proud of myself for doing so much selfish knitting and for jumping outside of my comfort zone and knitting bright colorful knits for myself.  it's actually been really fun.

i can't believe how fast some of you are knitting though! we have people starting and finishing their 2nd tops! wowsa! can we say "on fire"!!!!  those needles are burning up ladies!!!  and so has our ravelry group.  it's a happy and chatty place in there.  so busy in fact that the next kal we are thinking of splitting up the thread into 3 topics so it's easier for people to jump in along the way.  i missed a few days and had like a hundred and something comments to read! whooaaa! love it!  so happy you are all enjoying yourselves as much as i am!

i'm going to work really hard at pulling myself out of my knitting startitis this week and make some decent progress on my gemini.  i'm determined to get past the sleeves by next week.  i want to see a big chunk done on my knitting and you all have permission to nag me next week if i tell you i didn't work on  it's ok - i can take

are any of you moving along slow and steady?  what do you do to get out of a bad case of startitis?  do you time block like me?  have you taken on more than you can chew project wise this month too?  let's chat "tops, tanks & tees knit along" ladies! link up in the linky party below so we can all come and say hi!

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