makin'it in the mommyhood - pressies!

it was my lovely pal jane richmond's bday the other week and seeing as she is one of my besties i had to whip her up a little pressie.  jane is a knitter but she is also learning how to sew.  i knew she desperately needed some new pins and didn't have a fabric marker so since i LOVE buying sewing/knitting notions i had to get her a few to add to her kit.  she needs her sewing  and seriously, to all of you out there just learning how to sew - ditch those tiny little rusty pins from the dollar store and invest in some good pins.  it's worth it. trust me :)

i knew that i couldn't just give her the pins/marker though. nope, you know me.....they need something to go in.  i had been hoarding a particular fabric print that a dear friend gave me (wink wink anna) and knew it would be perfect for jane.  she looooves to garden and grows all her veggies from seedlings so how great is this fabric for her! awesome!  so i whipped her up a cute little rectangular pin cushion for her new pins and a cute project tote for her to hopefully carry her soon to be en masse of sewing projects in :)  i didn't use a tutorial for the tote, just went with the flow in a size i'd like.  tote's are a great, quick and yet stylish gift to make that allows you to show off that fave fabric which i always love doing.

why a rectangular pin cushion? well, i like things the way i like em'...that's how i roll and my handmade pincushion that was square always bugged me. there was never enough room.  i like that this is long and i can stab them in all over the  i used the basic idea from this tutorial but never cut up 4 squares per side.  the fabric already looked like blocks joined so i simply made 2 rectangles and sewed them together per side.  i then topstiched along that seam and then down the center to give it a tiny bit of a look of 4 pieces but it's really not.  this kind of pincushion is easy, quick and functional :)

i also got a surprise in the mail for me yesterday!  i had to hold it in till now and not even tell the sender i received it as i wanted to thank her and surprise her with posting it on the blog.  the lovely buffy (of passionate design) so sweetly sent me the awesomest pressie!  turning 35 won't be so hard with lovelies like these!  thank you soooooooooooo much buffy!  i know how much time and thought went into this pressie and it really means a lot to me.  i. have. not. taken off those bed socks!!!!  seriously! i LOVE them!!!!!!  they rock! and the mug....people.....amazing!!!! i heart you buffy!!!!

buffy made me the cutest pair of sleep socks from the pattern "turkish bed socks"from churchmouse yarns & teas.  are they not just so cute! they also fit like a glove and are so comfy to wear! super soft and very light.  i can only imagine the time that went into these - buffy you are such a sweetheart!

she sent all my goodies boxed up and wrapped in hand drawn wrapping paper people! i'd show you but my kiddos ripped it up before we realized she had handwritten all over it!!! great idea buffy - i'm going to have to use that one :)  she had all my goodies inside the biggest and best yellow mug i have ever seen!!!!  she then handpainted one of my fave sayings on the mug that i believe she remembered me lusting after a few months sweet!!!  this will def be my new fave go to mug buffy! only wish i could sip coffee alongside you with it.

accompanying the mug were the best turquoise colored pins i have seen! i have turquoise ones but not like this! the best color ever!  *edited to add: just found out that buffy made the pins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  what?!!!!!! omg!  the pins were nestled amongst some pretty co-ordinating fabric.  honestly, this made my whole month.  the friendships i've made through blogging continue to amaze me.  i have never met buffy in person (though i hope to one day) yet she is a special friend who has read my blog for years and always been a constant supporter and encourager of mine.  she's wise beyond her years and has a giant sized heart.  so sweet you are dear buffy.  thank you for making me smile.  this pressie warms the soul and helps make turning 35 so much easier. sending you gigantic sized hugs!!!!!

what projects have you guys been working on? do you have a fave go to item you love to make for friends gifts?  a great tutorial you follow?  anyone else turning an age that's freaking them out?  i'd love to hear about it!  coffee's a brewin'...come sip with me!