moments in the mommyhood - attempting to recharge

we finally got a ken doll in our house.  he's pretty rad.  he came in swim trunks and a shark tooth necklace all ready for the beach.  barbie was pretty stoked.  they got engaged pretty much that day and the girls declared that they were in need of a resort beach wedding. we of course said yes and packed us all up for a weekend getaway so barbie and ken could tie the knot in style.  j/k....muahahahaha...well sort  barbie and ken did get engaged and they did get married and we did go away but it wasn't just for barbie and ken.  i haven't gone that kookoo yet :P

a few weeks ago the hubs surprised me with a weekend getaway about 45 mins out of town in sooke.  again...thank you m'love..xoxoxo.  we stayed at the best western prestige oceanfront resort and let me just say that this is not your average best western. wowsa! this place blew my mind.  it was gorgeous and the room we had was to die for.  i didn't want to leave the room.  i swear to god that is no exaggeration. i literally would have been happier than a clam to just hang out in that gorgeous hotel room for 3 days!  the bathroom was amazeballs and we had an ocean view, awesome beds, great modern decor...i loved it.  the whole hotel is done up in colonial style and i felt like i was in a  we had a lot of fun and the kiddos just loved it as did we. i didn't have to clean so i was more than happy. i'm sure you moms can relate. 

i've super busy and hadn't gotten around to showing some pics of our little getaway so i thought i'd get you all up to date today.  oh and was thanks to groupon getaways that we could afford to stay at this gorgeous hotel.  if you haven't tried booking a holiday through groupon getaways i definitely recommend it.  we even got a meal voucher to the restaurant there and got splurge on a fancy meal too! can you tell we were excited??  mack captured my sentiments exactly!!! flat screen on the wall people!!!! and one in the bathroom that had a shower that was seriously larger than our bathroom at word of a lie...this bathroom was like heaven! double sinks & a separate room for the potty! i think we had more showers there than we ever have in our

we got to get some rest and most importantly get to have some quality time together as a little family.  i highly recommend trying a mini-vacay with your kiddos not too far from home.  we got to go somewhere we hadn't been before and it wasn't a long drive for the kids so no stress for us.  we hit up a local provincial park during our stay and chilled ocean side while harper napped, i knit and mack and daddy played in the surf.  here's some shots of our adventure....

just looking at these makes me want to go all over again :)  we're back in the middle of jer's studies and this weekend was sooooo long.  i'm pooped.  i fell asleep at 8:40 last night! i think that's a record for me since i had  harper fell asleep at 5:00pm and slept the whole night.  if that's not popped i don't know what is..haha.  we are looking forward to next month when the hubs schedule is a bit easier on him and on us. 

on the upside we went to madagascar 3 yesterday afternoon and loved it! we all went in 3d! so fun!  i attempted to be super organized and pre-bought our tix.  i picked up jer from school and we all went to the theater.  i went to pick up our tix and the silly machine wasn't working.  so we went inside and asked for help.  the girl looked at my print out and said "you're at the wrong theatre".  WHAT!!!! EMBARRASSING!!!!  wowsa! i'm never gonna live that one down with the hubs.  so hilarious! luckily the correct theatre is kitty corner and all we had to do was cross the street but still...we had almost bought our popcorn etc.  i have no excuse for myself other than i am a mother.  that pretty much sums it up.  i'm sure you can relate...right?

how was your weekend?  do you ever go on little mini vacays?  what's your favorite way to recharge when you're tired?  any embarrassing mommy moments? i'd love to hear about it.  i'm off to enjoy the sunshine with the's finally poked it's head out today and it feels great!  hope you all have some sun too!