Polkadaisy Jewelry Giveaway!!

i've got a new lovely and you can have one too!  you likey? me lovey!  the talented michelle of polkadaisy wrote to me recently about the possibility of me hosting a giveaway for you all and i of course said - "heck yah"! you know i love me some gorgeous handmade jewelry and i know you all do too!  now that harper is getting older i feel like i can finally start wearing a few pieces here and there again without that mommy fear of them getting ripped off, broken or chewed on..lol.  polkadaisy's jewelry does not disappoint either!  i adore my new set!

i love that they have my precious girls names on them and also their birthstones.  how pretty is that?  one of my favorite parts of this necklace is that i know michelle made it herself. it's not from a factory - it's made with love.  i also love, love, love the chain!  the fact that it isn't super dainty and fragile is a big plus in my book!  it's not heavy but i'm not scared it will break after a gentle tug from my kidlets because they love it as much as i do.  they get so happy seeing their names on mommas necklace and are constantly looking at it when i'm wearing it which is ALWAYS..lol.

i love the story behind michelle's business as well.  so touching.  click here to read all about how she got started and her emotional journey.  each piece of handcrafted jewelry is designed & created with a personal touch. 
polkadaisy uses sterling silver and swarovski crystals to create pieces that are touching and also special to the wearer.  from funny sayings to heartwarming thoughts the fun thing about polkadaisy jewelry is that you get to decide what you would like it to look like.  polkadaisy sells necklaces, bracelets and key chains all ready for you to customize or you can purchase the style that michelle shows on the website. talk about flexibility! i love options :)  michelle hand stamps each and every letter herself making each piece a true original!

bonus is michelle is offering all mommyhood readers 15% off your purchase with the code MOMMYHOOD!!!! wahoo!!!  who says you can't treat yourself some jewerly for father's day...lol!  ready to find out what the prize is and how to enter?  yay! here ya go....

- one lucky winner will receive their very own Katie necklace (shown above) that they can personalize with whatever shapes/birthstone they would like!!! awesome prize!!!! thanks michelle!
  • Sterling silver tags
  • Swarovski birthstone rivets
  • An 18 inch sterling silver chain

- simply enter your info in our google doc form (link shown below) along with what your favorite piece of jewelry is from polkadaisy. when you enter your info you are designated a number by google doc based on when you enter.  this will be the number i use to correlate to your name when the winner is chosen.  make sense?  if you have any questions just ask me below in the comments.  click below to enter the giveaway:

- giveaway is open until june 11th, 2012 midnight, pacific standard time.
- you must enter a valid email into the entry form or you will be disqualified.

thanks so much for the giveaway michelle and good luck to all of you who enter :)  you can find all things polkadaisy here: