moments in the mommyhood - sewing blooms

mackenzie's two cups she's growing grass and other wonderous things in
now that i've changed where i'm sitting while sewing/working i've got a lovely view of our deck and it's yummy contents.  it struck me on the weekend how closely the projects i'm working on reflect the colors we chose to plant this year.  i've found myself hopelessly in love with our new outdoor carpet.  for reals.  i'm feeling it.  i want to plaster my house in this color palette and i can totally see a quilt or some other wondrous item working it's way into our home in these yummy colors.

here's a shot of about 1/4 of the stack that i madly sewed up on friday night.  yep...i rock out on friday'  the hubs was at work, the kidlets went to bed early and i got to fit in some exercise, knitting and some serious sewing.  i went full force on my quilt.  i'm almost done all my blocks...yee haw and it's queen size so i'm happy with my progress so far.  i just have to trim up a giant mountain of them and then i get to plan where they go (the hardest part for me).  i'll show you a bit more later this week :).  but back to colors...don't these look just like my balcony..minus the grey of course?

purdy right?  i'm still on the hunt for just the right outdoor fabric to redo our pillows and bench seat out there and then hopefully i can give you all a good looksie :)  it's been harder than i thought to find the right color at an affordable price for our budget.  yum! speaking of budget...don't you all love saving money having to buy herbs and veggies from the market during the summer  just look at our tomatoes growing away...they usually get as tall as our railing each year and we love growing them.  our cilantro is another standby that seems super happy this spring.

i also got pretty much finished a new dress for mackenzie that i made as part of a blog tour this month for a lovely friend of mine!  you'll have to stay tuned to find out and see more :)

all in all it was a very productive and creative weekend for me.  jer took the kids all day saturday and i worked like a woman on a mission.  i'm just about ready to release my new knitting pattern and it's killing me to not do it asap! i'm so excited about it.  i also have the sweetheart dress pattern 90% ready to start pattern testing so look for announcements on that on facebook hopefully this week!  all i can say is having a clean and organized work space is life changing folks.  it seriously has lifted a huge amount of stress off of me and i feel so creative and a lot happier.  it was worth the scrounging of every penny it cost.  i hope to get pics up to show you all soon.

i was also able to spend so much more time sewing during the week that i actually got to read a book!!! yes...a non-sewing/knitting book!!! i felt like i could actually unplug and just curl up with a book and i did just that.  it was glorious & guilt free!!!  so thank you ikea!  maybe what they say in their commercials is true??? lol.

how was your weekend?  have you gotten to indulge in anything lately that you haven't had time for in ages?  are you working on re-organizing your creative space?  i'd love to hear all about it!