makin'it in the mommyhood - fabric business card holders & treats

it was one of my besties bday recently and i couldn't resist whipping her up a special pressie i had promised her a while ago.  remember these business card holders i made for me and the gals when we went to fibers west in the fall?  while i promised mandy i would make her one too and i'm happy to say i can finally cross that bad boy off the list.  mandy is the uber-talented lady behind "sugar and candy".  she is the queen of bags.  she's awesomely talented and a super friend too.

i tried to pick fabrics that reminded me of mandy but also matched her business tones.  i pulled out more than a few fabrics and hummed and hawed and just kept finding myself coming back to an anna maria horner print.  so i bit the bullet and went with my gut and i love it.  for some reason it just screams mandy to me.  i hope she likes it.the outer print is "shattered" in punch from innocent crush by anna maria horner,  the lining inner is "dottie cream" in coral by jay-cyn for birch fabrics and the pocket inner is "maybe" in tangerine from innocent crush by anna maria horner.

i used this tutorial again from "the crafty cupboard" and this time cut my fabric to the right size.  only mod i made was to use interfacing instead of the fleece.  worked perfect on the ones before so i went that route again this time.

i'm working on another pressie for mandy as well and that will be a tutorial coming your way very soon!  you guys will hopefully love it as much as i know mandy and i will!

i also knew that since mandy's bday was coming up i wanted to try out this new website i had been hearing about called Treat.  they have the cutest birthday cards and it's "where cards get personal". it's soooo fun!  i'm one of those gals who loves me a card.  i like mail.  snail mail folks. you know...the real kind :)  Treat allows you to go in and custom make any card you want!  they give you great layouts/sayings and you can customize to your hearts content! change the wording, design, phrasing - all of it!  best thing is they are fun, fresh & modern and it's lots of fun to put together.  then you choose to either mail the card direct to them or to yourself (to redirect) and you can top it off with a gift card!!! can you say one stop shopping?!!!!! LOVE!!!!!  i spent many a hour fiddling in there whipping up cards for mandy.  here's a few of my faves:

in the end this was the card i would have chosen.  Treat is available for all you lovely folks in the US and will hopefully be open for canadian peeps like me sometime this year! i can't wait!

if you love cards this site is for you.  go Treat yourself...wink wink :)   for first time customers you get YOUR FIRST CARD FREE using code: FREETREATclick here for more details.  you can find all things Treat here:

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i hope you had a wonderful bday mandy & you love your pressie! it will be here waiting for you when you get back! i luv ya long hope you had a wonderful, special and fabric filled bday!!! hugs!!!!

have you made your own business card holder?  what fabric would you make yours out of? do you have a soft spot for "real" cards too? coffee's on...come chat <3