moments in the mommyhood - too much fun

hi ladies! i hope you all had a wonderful weekend :)  we did.  it was a fun one and this momma had a great time but boy oh boy am i beat this morning.  i'm taking the day to hang with my girlies and relax, read, drink some coffee, and knit (and maybe squeak some sewing in as well).  too much fun can wear a girl out ya

i'll be back tomorrow with some goodies for the rest of the week.  we've got a giveaway and a new sewing tutorial so stay tuned!!!! in the meantime i hope you all have a great day today <3

what projects are you hoping to work on this week?  are you sewing, knitting, quilting, crocheting? fess up...i wanna hear about it! c''s on...let's have a wee chat :)