wee weekend peeks

waiting for the whipped cream!
we had a wonderful road trip this weekend.  we got to relax, enjoy the sunshine, visit with good friends and family and most fun - hang out in a lovely back yard. i cannot even begin to tell you how nice it is to let your kids play in a yard.  living in a condo really, really makes you miss the little things like opening a door and letting the kids run wild in a backyard.  ours loved it. in and out, in and out...they couldn't get enough of the freedom poor things..lol.  we had a short trip but we made the most of what time we had.  we're back to reality now though...laundry, unpacking and studying/work.  needless to say we are already counting down till the next one :)  here's a few peeks from our wee weekend getaway.  

sampling the whipped cream complete with homemade crepes from our lovely hostess :)
mmmmmm! yummy!
and best of all the hubs passed his latest exam so we are feeling more than happy about that! one less weight lifted off of our little shoulders.  we celebrated...me more so than others..  i'm hoping to be reunited with my sewing machine this week!  i miss poppy the pfaff so much :)  she doesn't know why i'm mad at her...lol.  i'm hoping that i'll be able to do a bit a day again to work back up to sitting i my chair and sewing again.  in the meantime i'm knitting and knitting some more.  what a shocker right? muahaha...

lots of skinny girl pina coladas and other yummy bevvies sipped in the backyard along with fire pit s'mores!! yum!
....i'm also sitting in my sweltering hot condo filled with the plants and decor off my deck so the side of our building can be painted.  i'm choking on the overwhelming scent of cilantro..for'reals...i can't breathe...lol.  can't open the windows either and to make things worse the painters aren't even hot...c'mon give a girl a break dude...couldn't i have just a bit of ryan gosling....or channing tatum?  just a wee bit?  spice up my day??? a little six pack action out my window??? please? purdy please? oh and if you are my hubby don't read this post...muhahaa.

how was your weekend?  any of you loving the skinny girl coktails too? i'm a big fan of bethenny frankel's and have been enjoying her ever since the real housewives of new york (yes, i watch those shows and no i do not feel one ounce of guilt over it...lol).  do you like her new show?  did you get to eat some s'mores this summer yet?  come chat :)

p.s. all pics via instagram. you can follow me under luvinthemommyhood :)