wiksten tanks and rocky coast cardis

i've been way behind on my fo shots lately.  i decided to try to get a few snaps of my rocky coast cardigan that i finished eons ago and also a newly sewn wiksten tank. *edited to add: can you believe i took these first 2 shots by balancing my camera on my ample cleavage? how's that for putting "the girls" to good use...muahah!

the wiksten tank is tank #2.  i made  my first one with fabric i wouldn't be sad to use if it didn't work out and i liked how it turned out but only wear it with a cardi because i definitely suffer from the side boob peekaboo and a way too big back neck opening.  not a good fit.  thankfully my lovely friend rae (from made by rae) had a tiny bit of the same issue with her neck and i took her cue with my 2nd attempt and took about 1" or so off the top half of the pattern along the folded edge when you lay out your pattern piece before cutting.  you can see how rae did it here.  the tank fits like a dream now (or at least i think so) and it's been in very heavy rotation ever since i finished it last week.  covers all my wobbly bits but isn't so loose and baggy that it makes me look preggers. 

1. wiksten tank in cotton lawn 2. rocky coast cardigan by hannah fettig in quince & co. lark in colorway frost
please excuse the very windy shots...we were right beside a very windy ocean just before sunset and i was right in the line of fire for ocean winds.  i swear this tank drapes nicely..lol.  the fabric is a cotton lawn i got on sale for a good deal.  like a $4.98/yd kinda deal :)  i also picked up two diff voile's to see how i liked the tank in them and also to make a wiksten tova tunic for the fall.  i can't wait to sew those bad boys up.

i've also been anxiously awaiting the mail carrier each day (what else is new right?!) for a yummy order from fabricworm that i placed to make a washi dress and tunic for myself.  so excited!  i decided after a year of selfish knitting it was time to do some selfish sewing.  this momma needs some new clothes and i'm so excited to make some new lovelies that i can fit just for my body shape.  fun!!!

after all...i need some purdy things to wear with my rocky coast cardigan this fall.  thought you were gonna see my badly sunburned nose didn't ya...nope....i hid that bad boy.  i didn't want to scare you and your children..lol.

i love this cardigan so much.  it's easy to wear, super comfy and oh so warm and is the loveliest shade of grey.  it's gorgeous.  the yarn is quince and co. lark in colorway frost and it's one of my fave yarns to knit with.  so yummy and squishy!  a big thank you again to my parents who spoiled me rotten with the yarn for this cardi for xmas last year!  best pressie!

see those cables?  aren't they mesmerizing?  i really enjoyed the outcome of this pattern even though i made a colossal boo boo 3/4 of the way through my back that had me ripping all the way back to my armholes!!! EEEEEEK! i cried real tears over that one.  luckily the cables are a fun knit and go quite quickly.  this cardi makes me want to live right beside the ocean. i can see myself strolling the beach each night and sitting on my cozy deck knitting with a yummy cup of tea.  it's that kind of cardi folks.  but even though i don't live right next to the ocean i can still get the ocean quite easily.  so when the hubs suggested we go down and check out the sunset last night i knew i had to get some shots of the rocky coast cardigan in it's home - the coast.  doesn't it look purdy?

yep, this is why we live where we live.  gorgeous and breathtaking views every single day.  can't beat that.  it just inspires you to create so much more.  unfortunately the kidlets didn't enjoy the view and the cold breeze as much as the hubs and i did...lol.

we did manage to get some pretty shots and the hubby (who loves outdoor/landscape photography) got some gorgeous ones of the sunset.  you can never have too many pictures of breathtaking sunsets and sunrises.  at least that's what we think in our wee house.  reminds me to stop and breathe ya know?  life gets busy and crazy and little things become way more important than they need to be and when i'm standing next to the ocean watching something so breathtaking the world just seems to stand still.  i feel like i can breathe and all my worries disappear for just that brief moment.  i'm so glad my hubby loves them just as much as i do.  he will sniff out a sunset pic no matter where we are and on more days than not i wake up to his tales of sunrise shots he took and it's just the way i like it.

what projects have you all finished lately?  are you any of you planning do start doing any selfish sewing/knitting?  have you made a wiksten tank or a washi dress yet? c'mon ladies...chit chat....my coffee cup is lonely and could use the company :)