Summer Sweater Knit Along - Sleeves

i was finally able to get around to starting the sleeves on my "something silver".  i will openly admit that i detest knitting sleeves.  it's like the end of a party when all your friends are getting ready to go and you are having a fabulous time and you don't want it to end but you know it has to and you are faced with the reality of the dreaded mess of clean up when all you want to do is go to bed and wake up the next day to a clean house & fond memories :)  this sweater has a been a fun knit and a joy to make and at this point i would loooooove to be able to wear it but sleeves seem to take me forevah!!  and i mean a looong time. 

they will prolly take me even longer because we have so much going on right now.  i haven't hardly any time to knit and boy am i feeling it.  it's therapy for me and i know i have to get back onto my schedule of knitting for a tiny bit before bed each night.  it helps to calm my mind and relax me.  only problem is it takes a lot for me to pick this up cause i know it's "the sleeves".  blah.  i also won't allow myself to knit on anything else right now because i need to finish this bad boy up.  there's a crispness in the air already and too many times have i been getting dressed and thought to myself "my new cardi will look FAB with this" only to remember it's not done yet :P

so sleeve knitting it is for me this week.  i must forge ahead and get them done.  thankfully they are only 3/4 and the lace pattern is a breeze and joy to knit.  so close.......

until then i will be looking at this view.... one (don't judge, there was more than 1. in fact my daughter even said "mom, you soooo don't need any more journals".  to which i replied "you can never have enough journals luv, it's all about the little things in life" and i quickly got the eye roll....she's now 5 going on a judgemental of my newest journals, my new best friend "the cuppow", and my sweater.  how's your summer sweater knit along project coming along?  join in the linky party below ladies.  i want to see pics!

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