Crafty Crosswords: Puzzles for Creative Peeps!

i dig crossword puzzles.  i like them a lot. i used to do one every day but now it seems like i never feel like i get time to do them anymore and with the monsoon rain we keep having i keep finding myself longing for a good crossword puzzle.  you know...that steaming hot cup of tea/coffee, a quilt, the fireplace on, slippers, my pj's and a good crossword...mmmm....feels like the perfect fall day activity.

so what did i do? i got a bit nutso and made us all a crafty crossword!  the topic is knitting! fun right? i hope you think so!  click on the link below and download/print your copy and play along!

i also thought it would be really fun if you all blogged your crossword puzzle love!  write a post about crossword puzzles and why you love 'em & if you completed the one today and share your link in the comments below so we can all come say hi!  also if you get stuck don't fret....i'll be sharing the answer key another day.  and to all you sewers....a sewing one is coming your way soon too!  i didn't forget about you lovelies!

do you heart crosswords?  how fun is this?  i had such a good time putting this together and filling it out and i hope you do too!  

p.s. the big summer sweater knit along giveaway is up tomorrow!!!!!!!! don't miss it! it's HUGE!!!