ipad knitcity view

knitcity vancouver weekend as seen from the ipad....
missed our gosh darn ferry....working at the terminal to kill time.
friday night booth set up!
our badges
a very rainy dinner with arika <3
jane and i torturing arika at dinner :)
rebecca knitting of course :)
the shoes
taking a group pic is hard...lol
what we slept under
breakfast before our big day
sold out!!!! we're amazed and overjoyed!!!! thanks everyone!
our coffee angel - holly (holly's red bike) head of the vancouver modern quilt guild! she came by to visit us & bring starbucks. Holly - you are the BEST!!!!!
booth set up day 2
rebecca and i meeting up with the gourmet faerie & her cute wife sherwin. so fun!
what sustained jane and i all day - tamarind almonds...yum!
getting ready for day 2 - i'm tired of the monsoon rain....my hair is rebelling from the water and i had to wear hats all weekend
saw my downton cowl walking around on this cute doll of a gal! made my day!
the gorgeous and oh so lovely  tasia of "sewaholic".  (i had a fan moment...love her) she came by with the first project someone else had knit from the book! a special moment for us!
the weather the. whole. time....bah!!!!! can we say nasty?!

i thought it would be fun to show you all my weekend away at vancouver for knitcity from the view of my ipad.  they weren't all instagrammed due to lack of wifi wherever i was but they were all meant to be :)  i got home very late last night and am still in a hangover of sore feet, amazing fun and just happiness at how well it all went and how many wonderful and lovely people we got to meet who embraced ISLAND as much as we do.  i'll be back soon with more pics and info on the book.....xoxoxox

how was your weekend?  what did you all get up to?  any knitting or sewing? were you at knitcity?  let's chat!