ISLAND - A Collection!!!!

A Collection
By: Jane Richmond

oh  my....i'm crying already....i knew i would  i've got a way bigger post to show you all on this topic but for now this is just a short teaser post to let you all in on the "secret project" that i've been working madly & happily away on with one of my besties jane richmond.  we've had many weekly late night meetings since the spring of this year to put together a special journey for you all....let me introduce you to.......ISLAND: A Collection.

that's right ladies! it's a book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! a very special and dear to us collection. ISLAND is a collection of handknits designed by jane richmond and inspired by life on vancouver island.  this book was a special artistic journey to bring jane's patterns to life with photography by  nicholas kupiak, modeling by kylee shaw, and graphic design/layout by myself & jane.  you will also find an introduction written by jane and a foreword by me as well.  so exciting!  i even have a few pics in the book too...but more on all of that later :)

i'll be back with more info on the whole book, the patterns, the process, when it's for sale and lots more fun deets next week.  for now though i've put together a special video for you all to join us....and escape to the ISLAND.  enjoy <3

ISLAND will be available for PRE-RELEASE with limited copies available this weekend where it will be debuting it at Knit City, October 13th & 14th at 3250 commercial drive, vancouver, bc.  after this weekend the book & patterns will be available through order on amazon and through