spur of the moment

i've been staring dreamily at my fabric stash these last few weeks wishing i had more time to sew. sometimes i think i spend more time on the computer talking about sewing than i do actually sewing. anyone else ever have one of those surreal moments?  sometimes i chat about it all so much that i feel like i did sew that day.  it's weird.  i'm hoping to change that though :)

i've been laying low the last week battling a horrible cold and it's really knocked me on my butt.  i think it was a sign that i need to sew more...lol.  for real.  it was a sign that i got off balance again.  i lost that teeny bit of equilibrium i had found for about a minute the other month and got off track.  i've had so many projects in the works that involved tons of design and computer time that my knitting and sewing time has gone to the wayside. i know i need to make a change and i'm grateful that this time i caught myself getting off track now instead of in the xmas craziness..lol.  that's a scary place that xmas crafting mania...lol.  this year i vow to go into it differently.

i also know there has been a ton of giveaways on here lately which was sort of accidental.  too many awesome prizes that i thought you would all LOVE and not enough weeks in the month.  but i think once a week is just too much for this gal.  so i'm taming it back to every other week or so to leave more room for me to just....well....be me on here.  a girls gotta just write her thoughts now and then ya know?

i'm really excited about a lot of the upcoming projects i'm working on and hope that somewhere in the next few weeks that the creating vs computer time balance evens out a bit more again and that my kleenex finally wins the battle against my runny nose.

i finally got to work on my washi dress as well. finally.  big sigh.  i luuuuuurrrrve it! like really love it.  i love it so much that i stayed up very, very late in the worst part of my cold with tissue shoved up my nostrils so blowing my nose would not slow down or hinder my sewing process...muahaha...seriously.  honesty runs rampant here...run now if it's too much for you..haha...i won't judge you.  the visual is awesome i know...and don't think i don't know you'd all do it too.  if you were sick and you truly were a die hard sewer you would so plug your nostrils with kleenex so you could get your sew on. yes you would...lol.

i also love the washi so much i drove the almost finished dress over to my folks house and tried it on for them (can we say die hard sewer?) just to...ya know....love the washi some more. i can't wait to show you all the bust darts!  i was proud of those darts.  no nipple points or wonky seams.  i took my time and they are purdy.  same with that neckline. ohhhh rae...the topstitching...i love it!  so fun!  but the most exciting news...i didn't need to do a full bust adjustment!  yessssssss!  i did make an xl though.  fits like a dream.  and no.  i'm not embarrassed at all to admit i made the xl.  this mommas got some boobies and is proud of it...muahahaha.  i figured i'd rather go for the xl then do a FBA.  staying away from that one till i have to.  i just need to hem and finish the armholes and i'm wearing that bad boy.
i got some awesome sewing time in on sunday during our modern sewing group as well and went full on spur of the moment sewing and made a whole quilt top and back!!! woot woot!  it was great fun.  i just went for it.  put the pedal to the metal and sewed that bad boy.  mind you it was a fast sew and super easy but i really wanted to have a go at some free motion quilting and wanted to do something modern and fun.

so now comes the batting.  problem is i'm out of batting.  i need some recommendations from you fellow quilters.  do any of you order your batting online?  do you have a favorite brand and kind of batting?  is the shipping tons if you order it?  help???  i want to quilt this bad boy like yesterday. super excited about it.  i'm even thinking of doing up a quick tutorial for it so you can all make one too if you dig it which i hope ya do :)

let's chat creative time ladies.  have any of you been out of sorts with your creative balance?  what are you working on? how do you try to maintain your equilibrium?