recouping and some eye candy

my baby sister recently had a new baby.  oh my.....i love babies.  i would have 15 babies if they all stayed under 6 months. i'm nuts and love that stage and would do it over and over again.  it's been so fun to have a baby around again since i'm not having anymore.  hard part is that i'm sick so i can't smother him in love like i want to and boy do i love this little guy.  his name is luca and he was a nice, healthy 9lbs 11oz! yep. my sis is a trooper ;)


anyhoo...little luca needed a hat from his auntie so i whipped up this hat by my oh so stylish pal jen geigly using some left over stash of my cozy lion brand thick & quick (love this stuff) and alas the little mans head was way too big for it.  so i ripped that hat out and made a bigger one.  so cute!  i can't wait to see it on him!  i also made him a special blankie (which i'll show you soon) out of stretch and quilting cotton.  a nice yummy combo.

splendor 1920 by bari j for art gallery fabrics
i've also been anxiously awaiting the arrival of splendor 1920 by bari j for art gallery fabrics.  i mean c'mon.....downton abbey is about to start up in january and who could resist a fabric that has your cross stitch pattern all ready to go right on it?  i can't even decide where to start first i have so many wee projects in my mind to use it for. 

so feminine and classic but also modern and fresh. the color palette is also right up my alley.  thank you bari.  this is perfect time for me to snuggle down with the sun shining, a crisp bite in the air, leaves falling and a delish cuppa tea brewing beside me as i work on needlepoint on my lap.  you're awesome!

splendor 1920 and a few floressence
 i also got some floressence from art gallery fabrics as well and they are also shown in some of the pics too.  i promise to show you  more of that line later but i thought they could easily be used amongst each other and both have a very fun womanly vibe to them.

fall quilt market is just around the corner and even though i'm not going i'm still going to show my love folks.  and no,  before you ask i ain't paid to wear this rockin' shirt! i wear it cause i love art gallery fabrics and i'm a proud gang member to a company that inspires creativity and encourages bloggers like me to design, express ourselves fully and have fun with our creative process at the same time.  it's fresh, exciting and a joy to work with them.  i also love having the opportunity to show all of you  some of the new lines.  i know i LOVE seeing other bloggers post about their favorite up and coming fabric lines and it's one of the main ways i find new and fresh fabric designs and designers. and in light of an..ahem..interesting discussion i saw raised today i would like to just say to you guys that you know that i'm honest and up front.  if i don't like a line i won't post about it. bottom line.  i only write about what i truly love and want to use.  i also buy 95% of the fabric you see on this blog. i even buy art gallery fabrics. yep.  i save my pennies like you wouldn't believe to buy a majority of the fabrics i love and show you on here.

so as i recoup and get my GIANT "starring you" post done for tomorrow for the finale of the summer sweater kal i hope this post might get ya to grab your needles and knit or put on some downton abbey and dream up some new projects to sew using splendor 1920!

what new line are you excited for?  are you all inspired by downton abbey?  do you love that some new feminine lines are coming out allowing us to embrace this side of ourselves but also stay current too?  let's chat!