summer sweater knit along - starring you!

woodstove made by celticcaston
before i began even writing this post i got teary eyed. seriously, i LOVE our knitting kal's.  it's amazing to be part of this loving, supportive and wonderfully talented group of women i am lucky to call my friends.  it's amazing to live all over the world yet we all rush on when we get a free moment to spare to chat, encourage and just drool over each other's knitting progress.  i've said it before that this has always been a dream of mine and each and every time we have a kal i feel so blessed to have gotten to know so many wonderful women.  so thank you to each and every one of you.  for the laughs, the virtual hugs, the shoulders to lean on, the advice, the recipes, the pics, the smiles, the likes and just for being you.  i can't wait for the next one!!!!  

and now.....check them all out!  aren't they freaking amazing!!!!!!!!!  here are some of the finished projects from our summer sweater knit along 2012!!!!  starring you my dears!!! 
campus jacket made by mamatronic
silken straw sweater made by schaetzchen
chalkstone made by celtic cast on
nanook made by tanis fiber arts
1. chuck and 2. colorblock -  made by celtic cast on
1. peabody 2. bayside pullover 3. contigous 4. nanook
1. julissa 2. folded 3. westwood blouse 4. classic raglan pullover
umbrellas made by annie claire
1. levenwick 2. abalone 3. watercourse
1. amiga 2. lighthousekeepers wife 3. cloudy sunday 4. lucinda 5. rocky coast cardigan 6. suzanne 7. hine 8. umbrellas 9. $5 in paris
1. sibella pullover 2. i heart aran 3. farrah
wispy cardi by ava's mom
1. capricious 2. shapely boyfriend 3. tourist sweater 4. vertebrae
kindling made by cherylmac
1. aidez 2. dark & stormy 3. driftwood
shrug made by 3pumpkinslittle
 a big special thank you as well to our awesome ravelry group moderators kelly (celtic cast on), sandra (3pumpkinslittle) and rebecca (nook).  you guys are the best and i appreciate all of your time and energy. i couldn't do it without you!

and let's hear it for our kal sponsors! yeehaw! just wait till you see what's up for grabs next week for our giveaway!!! i can't wait!!!

additional sponsors:

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 do you have a blog post showing off your finished kal project? link up below! i can't wait to see!!!  and congrats to all of you for knitting along!  even if you're not done i'm thrilled just to be knitting with you! xoxo