We Interrupt This Program....

take a pic mom!
we interrupt this regularly scheduled program with some more pics of my girlies. i know...i know...2 days in a row..lol...but i just couldn't help myself and i have an excuse.  see that cutie patootie above? well she's sick. poor little thing had a really bad fever all day and by dinner time yesterday it was getting really bad and not responding to tylenol and she was just not well.  i took her to the walk in clinic who told me to go to the ER.  so that's where our little fam spent a good chunk of our evening. not fun. 

outtake from my upcoming pattern
 anyhoo she's ok, still has a fever but is hopefully on the mend.  so i'm curled up with her on the couch drawing pics and watching caillou today and hopefully i may sneak in some knitting.  i will be back soon with some winners, another fun giveaway and hopefully a new pattern so stick around peeps!

kept meaning to post this shot from sept :)
btw..totally off topic, is anyone else hopelessly addicted to the new show Nashville? omg! loving it! please say i'm not alone...lol.  anyone else loving the DRAMA and the music! yeehaw!  can't wait for this week's episode!

hope you all have a cuddle filled and crafty day.  thank you all so much for your supportive and oh so kind comments yesterday.  meant a lot to me and seriously helped me get through my day yesterday. big hugs to you all.