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i'm so excited to review one of my fave new knitting books out called "pacific knits" by alexa ludeman and emily wessel of tin can knits.  this wonderful book captures so many lovely snippets of this gorgeous area we live and the 18 patterns in this book are awesome.  with sizes ranging from newborn to 4xl there is sure to be something for everyone.  alexa and emily were "inspired by the landscape, lifestyle and people of canada’s pacific coast".

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the patterns range from hats, cowls and slippers to sweaters and shawls.  there are projects that are suitable for both male and females and again so many size variations! this book is just overwhelming with goodness.  a perfect gift for that special knitter in your life or for whipping something up for someone near and dear.
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pacific knits features patterns that alexa and emily have designed that are sorted by three different handy logos throughout the book - city, mountains and water.  i think this is my favorite part of the book.  i love seeing the inspiration behind it and think it's a very creative way to showcase all the wonderful amenities that our beautiful coast has to offer.

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pacific knits is 92 pages of knitting goodness filled with bright photographs, clear instructions and well written patterns and charts.  the book has sections on techniques and also an in depth section on sweater knitting and sizing that is very handy to have.  there are cables, lace and colorwork, plus designs for all sizes that are rustic and pretty.  having lived in british columbia my whole life, and vancouver for many, many years before relocating to vancouver island it was so fun to see images of my old stomping grounds as well as shots from some of my fave places to visit such as where i got married - tofino, bc. 

i adore the book and the ladies of pacific knits too.  i've been lucky enough to have gotten to meet alexa and also some of the models in the book (whom are their family and friends) and they are all sweet and oh, so lovely people.  so if you're looking to spoil yourself or treat another knitter in your life pick up a copy of pacific knits for the holidays.

i think pacific knits is a wonderful addition to any knitters collection.  you can purchase the print version of pacific knits, the e-collection or purchase any of the 18 patterns as an individual pattern as well here on their website or by visiting their pacific knits ravelry page.

and while you're over at tin can knits make sure you check out their new holiday collection called "great white north".  a lovely e-book filled with scrumptious knits just in time for the holidays!  sweaters, hats, cowls, and even ornaments - it's a great set of 8 patterns perfect for christmas.

thanks so much alexa and emily! you ladies rock!  you can find more tin can knits here:

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