weekend wishes

happy thanksgiving weekend to all of my american readers! i hope you are all enjoying a lovely few days with family, friends and yummy food. oh, and let's not forget all the shopping sales to be had this weekend! i even took the day off yesterday and attempted....ahem...attempted being the operative word, to take advantage of a black friday sale but failed miserably getting my date wrong. can we say loooooossser! yep. silly momma. i'm still ill and i'm blaming it on this long lingering virus that is affecting my normally wide awake and alert brain...hahaha...yeah right! not. (is that word still cool to say - "not"? oh well, i'm saying it anyways..lol). needless to say i enjoyed a wee bit of rest this week and am keeping this week's weekend wishes short and sweet too.

i love the drawing above. maybe it's because it hits home for me and also because the artist is from my neck of the woods here in british columbia. we've got a thing for trees. i've also got a thing for greys, blacks and neutrals at the moment. could be all the rain we're having lately and the grey skies but i've got 2 upcoming knitting patterns due to come out and both are knit up in tones of grey. purdy greys. i can't wait to show you them!

i'm hoping to get working on some xmas decorations for our apartment and tree this year. i always make something new each year to add to our repertoire so i've slowly been pinning some new faves that just might end up being made. i'm trying to relish in this time before things get super duper busy around here. i've also got some xmas shopping to do. i'm about 3/4 of the way done - yay me, and hope to get my shopping done early this year so i can focus on other things in december and working towards my goal for this holiday - RELAXING. yep, that's right. our wee family has had a very long year and all we want for christmas is some down time to spend with each other. here's to making it happen.

what are you wishing for this xmas? are you doing any special shopping this weekend? what sales are you excited about? share the shopping luv ladies. i want to know about the deals to be had! are you crushing on a color at the moment? wishing you all a wonderful, turkey, shopping, coffee, napping and crafting filled weekend