Sweetheart, Delaney & Albatross Dresses - Birch Fabrics Booth Quilt Market

our holiday crafting support group post has been postponed :( this momma is still under the weather and has now lost her voice. torture i tell you. if you know me i hardly ever shut up never mind not be able to talk at all!  good thing i'm a good whisper talker...lol.  but it is hard to yell at the kids now and yes, they are taking full advantage of it. smart little whippets.  so i'm taking tomorrow off and taking it easy. this bug is taking forever to get over and every time i think i'm on the mend it hits me again with a different symptom.
sweetheart dress
i realized that i haven't had a chance to show you all the dresses i was so lucky to have on display at the birch fabrics booth at quilt market this fall.  i so love all the fabrics that cynthia's fabulous company comes out with and the fact that they are all organic is icing on the cake.  it was so fun to make 3 dresses - the sweetheart dress, the delaney dress & a new one - the albatross dress.  i love each one of these little dresses for their modern yet retro vibes and feel like they pair up great with birch fabrics prints.  i managed to grab some shots of the dresses before they went off to their new home :)
first off i squeezed my tiny 5 year old into both of these dresses which are a size 3!  yep, that's how small she is.  they were a tad tight but hey, what else do you do when your 2 year old is being stubborn and won't let you take one pic of her no matter what you do. i did get a few but they were about as good as it got. i tried everything. i even had a temper tantrum of my own (embarassing), i bribed, i begged...didn't matter.
in the end we gave up.  i decided to move on and use the eldest kid who in that particular moment felt sorry for me and agreed to be photographed so please ignore the fact that the armholes are way too small for her little body (shown below).
the albatross dress (shown above and below) is a new dress i designed with the birch fabrics prints as my inspiration.  i love these two prints together and couldn't resist doing something very flowy and feminine.  both of my girls loved it.  it's got a zippered back, faux belt and an adorable cut out with a feminine hand sewn bow detail on the neckline.  this dress will hopefully be available as a tutorial for you all in the next month or so.  i'm working on doing the dress with a lined bodice because my girls like it better and also because i'm really picky about finishing details inside and outside the dress and i think it will just add that extra nice finish to it.
what do you think? would you like to see a tutorial and a free pattern in one size for this dress?  or would you rather buy this dress as a full pattern with sizes from 2-10yrs?  i'd love to hear your thoughts :)
i also can't forget about our delaney dress.  this dress is still a fave to wear in our house.  harper is finally growing out of it...sob sob.  it's a great beginner dress and a good way to practice sewing that bias tape.  isn't that fox print adorbs?
here's some shots of the birch fabrics booth at quilt market.  lindsay (from the cottage mama) and i got to be booth buddies again with some of her clothing on display as well! so fun!!! thanks again linds for taking pics for me! she was at quilt market so it was fun to watch her post pics of our little outfits.  a big thank you again to cynthia for letting me make a few of my dreams come true!

i'm wishing you all a wonderful thanksgiving weekend and in honor of your holiday i'm having my first sale!!! woot woot!!!!! gobble gobble!  use the code "THANKSGIVING" in my etsy shop for a 10% discount off your purchase through till nov.26th!  have a fabulous day tomorrow!

have you made any of the dresses above?  would you like to see an albatross dress pattern or tutorial?  what have you been busy sewing lately?  let's chat :) i can't talk but i can still type <3

outer dress -  bear orange from camp modern by birch fabrics
lining - bobbers from camp sur by birch fabrics
outer dress - sly fox from camp sur by birch fabrics
bias trim - bobbers from camp sur by birch fabrics
bodice - flight mahogany from camp modern by birch fabrics
skirt -  las flores mahogany from camp modern by birch fabrics