The Blair Bag - K.I.D. Series on Me Sew Crazy

i'm so excited to be guest posting over on my good friend jessica's blog - "me sew crazy" (and the awesome sewset) today for her K.I.D. series!  i love the whole idea of this awesome series.  we all got to get our kidlets to draw and design a project that we had to make. my oldest came up with a fun bag she called "the blair bag". 

the blair bag features a fun bow tie closure so she can practice tying her bows/knots (something she is working on at the moment) and is fully lined, interfaced and features another pocket inside and an extra wide strap for comfort.

come pop on over to me sew crazy to see more pics and read about our K.I.D.S. experience and also to check out all the other guest posts in this series! 

do you involve your wee ones in the design and sewing process?  what things have they designed that they have made? do you let them choose their fabrics and colors?  let's chat. it's monday and i'm slowly coming out of my cold coma & the coffee's on <3