moments in the mommyhood - pumpkin boobies

and yes, these do look like my boobies...muahaha...lmao!
i heart fall.  i don't heart the endless rain and miserable grey misty cold but i heart the glimmers of goodness about fall.  pumpkins, leaves, trees, fresh air, warm knits, and the calm before christmas.  one of our fave things to do in the fall is head out to the local pumpkin farm to pick our pumpkins.  we had a good time even though our youngest refused to look at the camera.  not even once...poor little thing.  she had just woken up from a nap and no matter what i did she wouldn't lift her head up to smile or even scowl...haha.  i'm sure you can all relate to those moments when we really, really want to get pics of our kiddos and they just won't pose.  oh well....such is life..haha.

here's some of our faves from the last few weeks....(i love getting pics of feet...can you tell?)

we did get some other great pics and i couldn't resist sharing them all today.  it's back to the misty, grey rain today but we were lucky to have a break of no rain for trick or treating last night.  i hope you all had a safe and fun halloween and before you ask - no, i didn't make any costumes for halloween and never have.  one day i will though :)  we had a great night and it was soooo fun to see harper have her first halloween that she will remember and to see the 2 girls together trick or treating so fun!

my fave moment - there is a house in our neighbourhood that goes all out for halloween every year and i mean all out. adult freaky scary.  it's not for little ones.  it's frightening and each year it's my favorite house to go to. i slowly creep up and wait to get scared. last year someone grabbed and pulled me across the yard....awesome.  now this house happens to use santa as one of it's freaky compenents..and yes, i said santa.  i told you...not for  we were almost at the house and all of a sudden santa came running out of the yard and literally chased 3 kids about a block and a half scaring the wits out of them (these were teens) and i almost peed myself. the screams were so fun!!! honestly...loved it.  that may be twisted of me but it was a riot.

how was your halloween? how has your fall been? do you pick your your pumpkins or have other fall rituals you do?  hope you're having a wonderful week!  let's chat....i've got tea and coffee...want some?