Downton Abbey Knit Along - Kitchener & Colorways

hats, hats and more hats! there sure have been a ton of hats being made in our downton abbey knit along right now. very gorgeous ones at that.  i adore hats and wear them all year round.  i detest cold weather but love when it's cool enough for me to start wearing hard core knitwear on my head all year round.  i think i wear a hat at least once a day during this season.  sure helps me out for kindergarten drop off in the am - saves me time having to do my hair :P

kitchener stitch tutorial from the purl bee
i'm working away on my nola cloche for my kal project and got to a part that requires using the kitchener stitch - a grafting technique that yields an invisible seaming result.  i like doing the kitchener stich and find it very soothing for some reason and oddly fun.  i do know that the way of doing the kitchener stitch is one of those techniques that is tricky to memorize. it has a repeat pattern to it but you have to do it in just the right order.

as i was working on my kitchener stitch and watching my fave video to remind me how to do it on i thought wouldn't it be fab to have a handy little cheat sheet of this that I could throw in my knitting bag?  and then instead of just pondering it i actually made one. i then had to share it with all of you too.  now we can all remember "knit, purl, purl, knit" - KPPK.

i've also been busy drooling away at the projects that are being worked on and also the ones that are finished.  the one thing i noticed that i thought was really neat was the color palettes most of you had chosen.  i took a snippet of color from each image shared in our ravelry group and voila - a lovely array of what we feel are downtesque colorways :)  i think they are purdy and i also thought it was fun to see them all grouped together.  where did yours fall in?

i feel so lucky to get to knit with such a wonderful and caring group of women.  it's been so much fun and boy oh boy are sunday nights and monday mornings a fun time to jump in the convo. so many chats happening, friendships being made and old ones getting stronger, people learning new skills and just overall discussion on downton abbey itself -  i love it!  don't miss out on the discussion. you can find our ravelry group here.

how's your project going? are you enjoying the kal? how do you remember the kitchener stitch? let's sip some tea and chat all things knitting! i'd love to hear from you!

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