Downton Abbey Knit Along - Pinterest Board & Inspirations

we've got a pinboard for our downton abbey knit along! woot woot!  i started putting together a downton abbey roundup and overwhelmed.  i think i just love downton abbey too  the post would have been way too long to put up on here so trust me when i say that a pin board was a much better solution.  now you can all view it and get inspired!  it doesn't mean my roundups are gone, just that for this kal i'm going to try something new.

the lucy hat by carina spencer
i added to the pin board most of the pattern suggestions or patterns chosen by our knit along members chatting in our ravelry group.  we're getting all excited and fired up to get clicking.  2 more sleeps people and we can cast on!  hats have been a hugely popular choice for this knit along and the pattern pictured above is by far the most popular one.  isn't it lovely?  it's called the lucy hat and is by carina spencer.  i almost squealed (ok, i did squeal) when i saw the pic at the start of the post of mary! so awesome!!! how cool that they match so well? are you making a hat?

before you ask what pattern and yarn am i using i can't say yet! hehehe, you'll have to wait till next wed!  i still have to do my swatch though.  remember how important gauge is ladies.  here's a helpful post we did on the importance of swatching.  it's better to make yourself do a swatch then to knit a whole project only to have it not work out.  it me on that one :)  and for those of you still choosing yarns etc i've also added our link for help with that as well.

- gauge and what it is
- choosing yarns stress free

*you can find tons of helpful links and resources on our permanent kal page.  you can also click on each knit along and find a handy page with all the links, guest posts and helpful info from each knit along.  i refer to these on a regular basis.  i'm always learning something new.

and just for fun i thought we could take a little quiz to see which member of the abbey we are most like.  what was your answer?  i was surprised at mine! p.s. i love seeing the cast members of downton all dressed up in clothes from present time.  so lovely! i couldn't resist pinning some and also some gorgeous shots of the men of downton from GQ mag. they are my fave!!!! love them!


you can follow along with all things downton abbey knit along here:

and don't forget to sign up. you must be signed up & have a project started to be eligible for the awesome giveaway at the end of the knit along and remember you can knit or crochet :)

alrighty my friends, head on over to the pinterest board and have some fun!  i had a great time finding some fun images from the show as well.  if there are patterns you have chosen or you would love to see pinned on the board please let me know in the comments below and i'll add them in :)

p.s. i know a lot of you are signed up for the jimmy beans wool mysterl downton kal and i just wanted to mention again that you ARE ALLOWED to join our knit along making their mystery pattern :) we've had this kal planned for months and i want all of you able to join in on the fun!!! so sign up & let's all dish & knit along to the downton!