Something Silver - Better Late Than Never


oh my, i sort of debated about posting this first thing in the new year but i couldn't resist. i know what some of you are thinking, this was my summer sweater knit along project and sure isn't summer  this goes to show sometimes we all don't get our projects finished on time.  i adore this cardigan and the pattern but i got stuck with my usual case of sleevitis. it took me forever to knit the sleeves. not for any reason other than i hate knitting sleeves.  i know it sounds like a cop out but it's just how it is.

this cardigan was very much worth ever single minute i put into knitting it and trust me, it took a while.  it's gorgeous, the fit is perfection, it's slimming on my hips and doesn't make my boobies look overly gargantuan or like big  veera's patterns are always written well and her sizing is definitely perfect for women's bodies.  if you have curves don't fear her knits.

now onto my fave part of this whole cardigan - the yarn. ohhhh!!!! isn't the color just so yummy? i smile every time i look at it.  it's so funny to think back to when i was a hairdresser and my closet consisted of black to now wearing a bright grapefruit colored cardigan! my life is so much happier and brighter with the freedom of color!  this colorway is called "pink grapefruit" is yellow label dk weight from tanis fiber arts.  tanis is AMAZING!  i can't even write in descriptive words how awesome this yarn was to work with.  i can't even photograph it properly to show you all the delicious tones and colors in this cardi.  it's soft, lofty and so gentle against my skin.  tanis - you are so talented my dear! thank you again for the chance to knit this with your yarn. hugs!

now i've said this before and i will say it again, i love garter and i love lace.  so this cardi was a no brainer for me.  the lace pattern in it is easy to memorize and flows so nicely over the course of the pattern.  and the garter parts?  well let's just say those were my faves!  i love the look of garter and there are pockets in the garter?! yes! how can it get better than that?  i struggled a bit with finding the perfect buttons to accent this cardi and finally decided on some covered buttons with some fabric scraps i had that matched the tones well.  i adore them and get a kick out of them.

i'm so glad that i pushed past the arms and got this lovely finished.  i completed knitting it on december 22nd, blocked it and then seamed my pocket down & sewed my buttons on.  i've been wearing it ever since.  i'm so happy my lovely group of knitty pals pushed me to stay up late and finish the darn thing up. i honestly just kept procrastinating and working on new patterns (coming soon) and leaving my poor cardi sleeves as an after thought.  naughty girl i was.  from now on i'm going to try to knit my sleeves before i finish the body of a top down sweater or a cardigan.  we'll see if that helps me beat my sleevitis.

in the meantime i'll be curled up in this new knit.  smiling and dreaming of summer.

you can find my project page on ravelry here for my something silver and our summer sweater kal here. what project did you squeak by on finishing right before the end of the year? did you get your summer sweater kal project finished late too?  are you a fan of veera's or tanis fiber arts?  let's chat fo's ladies! happy new year's!