if you were to ask me what one of my fave movies of all time is "ferris bueller's day off" would be on the list.  i'm going to be 36 and i was raised on these kind of cult classics.  in fact i used to think, ok i still do think, sloane peterson was the bee's knees. i wanted to be just like her.  she was the embodiment of style, class, grace, beauty and was just plain cool.  i dreamed about that outfit but never felt brave enough to wear it.  so when kristin and jessica asked me to join in for this round of film petit and that the flick was ferris bueller's day off i did a bit of a squeal and a happy dance.  i've been dreaming of that white coat ever since and i'm so excited to show you my version of sloane.

i was really inspired by the idea of taking sloane into 2013 and also to make her outfit kid friendly.  i knew first off that my daughter would not wear leather or faux leather so i decided to go with a nice, soft fleece so that i could still fringe to my hearts content without finishing all those strands.  i also knew that i wanted her to stay true to my aesthetic and also be something that my daughter would actually wear.

when i finished drafting the jacket and started making my sloane version i swear i have never had so much fun working on a sewing project in my whole life.  i was laughing my head off and boy did it take all i had not to share the pics to all of you.  the icing on the cake was when my daughter got her hands on it. she looooves it.  she was posing her little heart out and just begging to wear it to school.  oh that would be interesting.  i say bring on the fringe...but not everyone may agree with me on that one :)

my daughter asked me about the story behind the outfit and i gave her the 5 yr old version but in doing so i could hear myself talking about sloane with the same glorified eyes i had when i was a teenager.  she was beautiful, confident, and well....sloane.  i told her about the scene i wanted to capture - that sloane was waiting for her boyfriend, whom she loved, named ferris to come pick her up.  i told her she had hair just like hers and she was about to have a very exciting day off from school with ferris and her friend cameron and that ferris wanted to marry her.

i told her they were about to go on an adventure.  my little girl sparked up with a new found energy even though it was freezing cold, raining and a wind storm.  what a little model hard at  she has now aptly named her new ensemble the sloane outfit.  i think it suits her.  i hope she holds onto the spirit of sloane and grows to be every bit of a confident and lovely woman that sloanes' character was.


- pattern used is the "banyan shorts" from figgy's patterns.
- mods made: faux fly with no zipper insertion.
- random suiting fabric from a store i will not list because i detest shopping there and went out of desperation.
- suiting has a bit of stretch to it which makes these super comfy but a bit of a pain to sew.  my daughter has lots of issues with clothing and comfort so i kept these a tad on the baggy side to keep her from feeling uncomfortable.  i made a size 4.

- pattern used is self drafted.  i love this little coat and drafted it on my own and guess what...if you like it as much as i do i may just do a sloane coat tutorial...hehe.  i want one in my own size.
- fabric is a soft white fleece from the same store i will not
- the sloane jacket is cropped and features a fun fringed back that dips down to a point, no closures, front fringe on each front panel and an asymmetrical fringe in the middle of the under sleeve. i chose not to go all the way to the armpit or the cuff simply for my own taste. i really liked how it looked not covering the whole arm and so did my daughter.  the jacket also has a lovely little gather on the top of each sleeve cap.  my version of the infamous shoulder pad. love it!

 - pattern used is the "banyan tunic" from figgy's patterns.
- fabric is a weird stretch blend. the lady at the store that i will not mention couldn't find out what it was nor could she the other fabrics i purchased there for this it's soft though and has a lovely light grey blue color.
- i made the size 4 for the tunic but had to take up the length quite a bit to allow the shorts to still show.  my daughter asked me for 3 more of this top and loves it.

i also self drafted a pair of black leggings from an existing pair of pants my daughter had.  it was too cold to make her go bare legged and i thought the black tights went perfectly with her black boots.  i decided not to do the white boots as i knew there was no way in heck i would ever buy my kid white  talk about ruined in one day!

click here to hear the tunes!
i really enjoyed sewing both patterns from figgy's and would definitely recommend them and make them again. sooooo...whatdoyasay? want to dance with us? i think i hear "danke schoen" playing in the distance....oh ya....i do.....danke schoen, darling, danke schoen.................

go get your ferris groove on! embrace your inner sloane peterson and don that fringe jacket and strut your stuff ladies!  and while you're at it make sure you also pop on over to see kristin's adorable cameron (so cute!) and also jessica's awesome ferris (love it!).  i want to say a big thank you to these uber talented ladies for letting me join in on their fun and have a gosh darn good time sewing for my girlie.  luv you ladies <3

thanks for joining us for another film petit!  and make sure you add your pics to the film petit flickr group!