moments in the mommyhood - how long till bedtime?

i feel like it's been forever since i had pics of the girls to post.  the weather here has not been in my favor alongside the time of year.  with my oldest being in kindergarten now it sure makes it tricky to get good shots of her after school.  it gets dark and really cold fast.  i found myself going through withdrawal of their cute little faces on here and scheduled in a quick little 5 min photoshoot after school yesterday.  they had so much fun posing for the camera and i found myself amazed at how big they had grown when i edited the pics.


i know i see them everyday but stepping back and looking at the photos really cemented how old mackenzie looks and how big harper is getting. i mean where has my baby gone? can you believe harper is going to be 3 in may???!!! seriously! i get misty eyed just thinking about it.  they are both definitely keeping this momma busy.  my oldest loves to challenge me on more than a daily basis and i tell you the grey hairs are coming in.  but she loves school and going to full time kindergarten has been great for her.  only problem was i figured she would come home with a tad less energy but instead she comes home even more pumped up.  i can't figure this it's exhausting.  she wears me out..haha.  the two of them together makes me sometimes feel like i can't get a focused thought through my head.  it never sinks in how crazy it gets around here some days until they are asleep and my brain goes...."yesssssss....finally....what took you so long?".  it's like stepping into a hot bath.  i just soak and revel in the silence.  boy do i love that silence.......

.....for a while...and then i miss them and i sneak into their rooms to give them that one last bedtime kiss.  it's so hilarious to me that when they are driving me to the brink of insanity (and believe me they do on more than one occasion) that when i finally get them to go to sleep after an hour or so i miss them. anyone else have this issue?  sometimes it makes me feel guilty for wanting them to go to bed so badly that i get one of those cases of "am i a good enough mom" bouts that we all get...or at least i hope we all do and i'm not the only lone bird analyzing my parenting skills....and desperate need for silence.  speaking of long is it till bedtime??  ;P

wishing you all a wonderful weekend filled with kiddo craziness but also lots of quiet mommy time.  does your wee one come home from school even more energized than when they left in the morning?  do you long for bedtime some days and if so do you sometimes get the same mom guilts i do? let's chat!  i've got some yummy lattes here with your name on it! pull up a seat and stick around for a while :)