Washi Tunic for Me!

i've been busy knitting but i've also been sewing.  i couldn't resist whipping up another washi after making my dress.  this time i decided to do a tunic.  i originally was going for rae's version with sleeves and maybe a peter pan collar but the universe was against me.  never try cutting out your clothing pattern pieces when you have kids running wild around you.  after some silly mistakes (some that weren't even mine) i ended up running out of fabric and didn't have enough left to do the sleeves or collar. i also omitted the pockets...lol.  but even though the end result wasn't what i had originally visioned i love it no less. i've been wearing it non stop and cannot rave enough about this awesome pattern.

i used one of my fave prints from last year "afro fusion dusk" from indie by pat bravo for art gallery fabrics.  it's soft and has a lovely drape.  i couldn't resist adding the same vintage mustard bias for my armholes and neckline that i did for my original washi dress. i did a plain rounded neckline that i finished with the mustard bias and some double top stitching for fun which i also repeated on the hemline. i also decided to add a casing with elastic for the back this time instead of doing the shirring.  you can find a tutorial on how to do this on rae's blog here.  i didn't line mine though. i simply made a casing and topstitched it down in position and fed the elastic through. when i sewed my side seams down it closed the ends of the casing.  it's super fast, easy and i love the result.  i recommend it if you don't feel comfortable sewing shirring or your machine acts up with it.  mine has suddenly realized it hates shirring. no idea why...lol.

i hope to show you some pics soon of me actually wearing the tunic but with our dreary, grey, and rainy weather here the timing just always seems to be off for the hubs to take pics of me and it's just too dark in my condo to take shots of myself.  hopefully i'll be able to show you all soon.  in the meantime i put it on sally, my lovely dress form.  she's not my size...not even close...haha...but i love her anyways.  i use her for hanging things on and she likes to travel and do markets/craft shows with us all :)  she's on loan to me from a friend and she's come in very handy.  one day i will buy myself one that is my size though...lol.  when i put this on her i died laughing.  seriously.  it really made me realize how big "my girls" were when you see it hanging off of a dress form that is the size i'd like to be.  oh my....so close ups it is :) i'm sure you get the idea though :)

i've really been enjoying sewing my own clothing and hope to do a lot more this year.  one of my new year's resolutions has been to sew my own pair of pants.  anyone have a great pattern recommendation?  i'm fed up with buying pants that just dont' fit right and make me look bigger than i am so i'd love to make some fit just for my body.

have you made your own pants before?  what is your favorite pattern to use? do you have any tips for me? let's chat sewing my friends!

- afro fusion dusk from indie by pat bravo for art gallery fabrics purchased from fabricworm
- vintage mustard colored pre-made bias tape for armholes.

- washi dress by rae hoekstra (made by rae)
- size made: XL
- full bust adjustment: none
- length: mid thigh
- helpful link: sewing women's clothing post from rae (great for tips on sizing and muslins)