moments in the mommyhood || leaping is good for the soul


a little bit of leaping is good for the soul.  really.  trust me...i've noticed lately that i seem to keep leaping and jumping in all of the recent pics my hubs or anyone takes of me.  i think it's funny and also a sign of my personality. i don't enjoy being photographed so i think it is also my way of relaxing when i have to pose for a bit of time and am feeling uncomfortable.  i feel a strong urge to just let loose and then wham! i'm leaping.  it feels good though.  i highly recommend you try it...haha.  just throw a little leap in there next time you need to loosen up or have some fun.

my girlies are growing up so fast and have been keeping this momma more than busy and also challenged.  my oldest is as strong as ever and tests me at every turn but we're surviving and will hopefully make it through this phase.  if any of you have tips on dealing with a "strong willled child" i'd love to hear them.  harper is just a doll.  the kid can get away with anything i tell you.  she just smiles at me a tad and i melt like butter on a hot pan.  i'm going to pay for it  in the meantime i've just taken to well......leaping :)  blows the stress right off....lmao.

so whatdoyasay? you want to leap with me? c'mon...i know you wanna....

wishing you all a leaping, jumping, frolicking, laughing and overall good time kinda weekend! what are your weekend plans?  what did you make this week? any projects you want to share? come chat with me!

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