downton abbey knit along || confessions

Pattern: Nola Cloche by Hilary Smith Callis  Yarn: Supernova in colorway Pewter by Luna Grey Fiber Arts
i love my new hat.  i love that it's so different from my norm.  i am usually always sporting something of a slouch variety and hardly wear fitted hats anymore.  when i do i remember why i love them as well.  this hat makes me feel a tad fancy. like i should sashay around my house as if i really did live at downton, sipping from a cuppa tea, eating biscuits whilst knitting, and discussing the goings on of the servants in the house.  can't you see it?  you're all there with me too.  we're all dolled up in our prettiest frocks, the room is filled with fanciful goodies, doilies and lace and we are having the largest knit night downton has ever seen!  could you imagine? they totally need to do an episode with a big knitting party!  now that would be drama! lol!

speaking of drama true to shannon style i have a confession to make.  you ready for it?  i. made. an. oopsie.  a big one at that.  i realized right at the end of making my hat that i had actually been following the size instructions for a chunky yarn not my worsted weight. oh my. you need glasses?  more sleep? more coffee?  who knows...but i can't believe i missed it.  duh.  the nola cloche is written for 2 yarn weights and i'm not sure how i got so mixed up but i did. i hate ripping things out though so instead of redoing the whole hat (ouch!) i kept going.  i tried that bad boy on and i like it. it's not perfect but it's mine and well, that's the nature of handmade right? 

i really enjoyed this pattern and i also really loved working with luna grey fiber arts yarn and have a few more lovely skeins to play with. i can't wait to dig in! both the yarn and the pattern made for a fun project even though i made an oopsies.  such is life thought right?  remember this big fat oopsie of mine? oh ya....that's a good'er right there.  moral of the story - pay better attention to the directions, get more sleep and drink more coffee ;)

luna grey fiber arts
how's your project coming along? since y'all are having so much fun i'm giving you till next week to finish up! get those lovely photos up in our ravelry group so i can show you all off next week on the blog! that's right! it's time for starring you!  i can't wait to show off all of your hard work on here. so many lovely pictures and projects!  kudos to all of you fab ladies for joining in!

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