it's a good day by shannon cook ||
it's a good day by shannon cook
i love coffee.  i also love the start of a new journey.  since i'm revamping my home a bit i knew i wanted a lovely little pic to get printed and hang near my new desk.  i knew it had to have coffee in (of course right?).  instead of searching for something awesome on etsy or pinterest i really wanted to make something truly my own.  so i took the shot above and put a reminder to myself on it.  i can't wait to hang it up (and for all you coffee lovers out there if you'd like a copy shoot me an email and i would more than happily send one your way)! what do you have hanging in your creative space?

i've been working hard over the last few months to make some changes in my life. you know that never-ending journey of trying to find the ultimate work/life balance?  yep, that one.  so far it's been all positive, slow going albeit, but progress nonetheless.  i'm excited for what this year holds for me and when i read this post over on design for mankind last night erin just summed up all my thoughts so beautifully i had to share it.  i found her post so touching and inspiring and really a very special reminder that what i've been working towards is so worth it.  click here to go read her wonderful post. i swear i'm going to print it out and read it when i need a pick me up.  i hope you all enjoy it as much as i did.

what did you think about erin's post?  have you been striving to reach that balance?  are you trying to simplify and slow down to focus on your passions?  please share your thoughts.  i find this topic so interesting and such a great discussion starting point.  i hope you all have a wonderful weekend and i'll see ya next week with some new lovelies to share!  thank you all so much for the well wishes this week -  you guys are the best!  luvs <3

p.s.  the winner of the contemporary cloth fabric giveaway was...............

bless by tone - commenter #186

congrats hun!!!! so excited for you!!! i'll be in touch soon!  enjoy! thank you to all who entered and to sondra from contemporary cloth for the wonderful giveaway!

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