I've got a thing for triangles at the moment.  They have seemed to occupy my mind since my zig zag quilt. In the fall i started sketching a hat that had triangles on it. But not any kind of triangle...some that resembled hst's.  Then the DREIECKE hat was born. I really love that I am inspired by sewing in my knitting and inspired by my knitting in my sewing.  They seem to go hand in hand like that...must be the gemini in me.

Dreiecke Hat Pattern


DREIECKE takes 1 yummy skein of quince and co's lark (shown in frost & petal (below).  You can't beat making your newest hat crush out of something as fabulous as quince and co!  I heart this yarn almost as much as i heart this hat.  They make a lovely pair if you ask me.  I wear this hat constantly and love that those fun triangles just pop from far away and up close.  It's fun to look at, quick to make and even better to wear!


The Dreiecke Hat Pattern Features:

:: clear and easy to understand step by step instructions

:: bright & colorful photography

:: 2 page color PDF pattern

::  a great knitting experience

DREIECKE is available to purchase at the following:

  1.  RAVELRY 

  2.  ETSY  



DREIECKE is suitable for an intermediate beginner.  If you know how to knit/purl and knit in the round you can make this hat.  It's a great hat for learning how to follow a longer pattern and for jumping into textures. 

The pattern flows and it's a fun one to watch develop as you're working on it.  i also wanted to have a pretty crown for this hat. I love the end result and how nice the hat even looks from behind.

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do! this little hat is very special to me and I can't wait to see you guys whip some up!!!!  Thank you for all of your support for all of my knitting and sewing patterns - it means so much to me to be able to keep designing and I'm really loving every minute of it!  I've got a new cowl coming your way soon too!  So stay tuned!


Do you know what dreiecke means & what language it is?  You diggin'the hat? Will you be making one? Do you have a crush on triangles too? Let's chat! It's pouring buckets here and my coffee is looking really good right now. I would love the company <3