i've been feeling the urge to spoil myself a tad these last few weeks.  i've been dreaming of finding the time to sew for myself.  not for the kids, not for a gift, but just for me.  with some fun events coming up and me not feeling 100% lately i figured a new dress was in order.  but what to make?  i have 2 washi's now and i was feeling in the mood to spice things up a tad.  then literally (i'm not kidding here) as i was perusing the wide world of the intranet the colette newsletter popped up in my inbox and low and behold the new Laurel Dress!!! love at first sight!  this shift dress had me dreaming.  off i went and boom - in my cart it went without a second though. i never. ever. ever. do that. i'm i could not resist the lure of the

the laurel dress by colette patterns
pretty right? i just love the ease and simplicity of it. i also love the ability to really make it your own. so many possibilities and options!  and i'm hoping it will hide that tummy of  darn tummy...i digress.  since i'm in canada and the fabric i really wanted i would have to order online and wait 2-3 weeks to get i decided to shop local and find some random print that i will pay way too much for just so i can whip one of these up for myself.  this soft denim blue cotton print with black roses had me swooning. not sure what it was about it but i fell for it. i could just picture it with a hand knits and boots so i grabbed it with my screaming kids in tow (yes, i even braved the dreaded fabric store with both kids! i'm nuts) and bought my first invisible zipper, bias tape (i'm too lazy to make my own this week) and thread.  now i just need to find the time to sew it.

you can get the laurel dress here and if you buy it today you can still scoop up on their 15% off deal! plus as a bonus you get a free e-book with extras for the pattern, tips, techniques and more!  it's awesome!  and if you're feeling really creative you can head to the colette patterns blog and enter their awesome sewing contest for the laurel dress! the prizes are ahhhhhmazing! just sayin' :) you know....cause i can't help but make you all sew one right side along me.

and in case the laurel dress isn't your vibe check out another fave i've got on my list - the staple dress!  how cute is this one!  this looks like it will be next on my list after i'm done a laurel dress & blouse.  april rhodes designed a fab and figure flattering dress that's great for all skill levels! check it out here!

then of course i still need to make my tova tunic, and more wiksten tanks....and.......

what are you all sewing for yourselves lately?  have you found a new pattern that you just had to drop everything for to sew?  what's your go to ladies pattern of the moment?  i'd love to hear about it.  yes, i want to add more to my to do  the more lovelies to make the better!

have a wonderful sewing, coffee and sunshine filled weekend! luvs <3

p.s. i'll be announcing the winner of the botanical knits giveaway next week.