pattern: tova tunic by wiksten
i know it's kids clothes week and this is definitely not kids clothes, lol, but i finished up my first tova tunic the other week to wear to vogue knitting live and i couldn't help but finally post some shots the hubs took of me in my new fave tunic. you may notice i chopped my hair off but please ignore my bad hair day in these shots. can we say mom frizz? not good. oh well, we all have our days right? as some of you may know one of my new year's resolutions this year was to do more selfish sewing for myself and i have been loving it so far!  i've been wanting to add a few more tunic dresses to my wardrobe so the tova was a natural choice for me.

i have to admit i was very nervous to make this.  my bust size isn't even listed on the pattern (i'm a 41" bust in case anyone  but after looking for ages on flickr and seeing other busy gals make it with no issues and having made the wiksten tank & fitting in the xl i decided to just go for it.  last summer i purchased some crazy sale price lawn fabric to use just for this tunic. it ended up costing me about $5/yd!!! needless to say i was not going to cry my eyes out if it didn't work out.  i sewed this bad boy up on a thursday and wore it to vogue knitting live the very next day.  so comfy! i traveled and hit up the show in this tunic!  i paired it that time with my fave dark grey leggings and knee high boots and got a lot of compliments on my outfit. . 

i really love how the fit of the tova covers all my roly poly bits. you know the ones that 2 babies and a c-section leave behind? yep, those nasty ones.  it flows without looking maternity and i found it flattering for my body type which i was worried it wouldn't be for me and my curves.  during sewing i stitched up the neck opening a bit so i didn't have to worry about cleavage flashing some poor unsuspecting passerby.  i think i stitched about 1 1/2 - 2" up from the bottom of the yoke.  i liked that i don't have to worry about that but also still have a flattering neckline. there are a ton of fun variations on the neckline all over flickr so i felt ok topstitching my flap down a tad.

all in all i am very happy with the tova tunic pattern and will definitely make it again.  i really enjoy how professional and clean the finishes are for wiksten patterns and both the tova and the wiksten tank (click here to see how mine turned out) are staples in my wardrobe. i'm going to splurge and get some softer fabric this time round and make one that isn't slightly see through (like the lawn i used) so i don't have to wear clothing under it in the warmer months.  i recommend this tunic and have been wearing it more times than i will dare to admit here on the blog :P

 - tova tunic from wiksten

 >> FABRIC <<
- cotton lawn floral multi (code FP-668) from (i can't find it on their site anymore)

 >> NOTES <<
- i made the size xl with no adjustments. i'm a size 41" bust.
- i would use a softer fabric next time. this lawn was great to practice on (use as a wearable muslin) but now that i know how much i like the tova i'm going to splurge on something that isn't as see through and that has a softer hand.
- i stitched closed my neckline opening by about 1 1/2-2" to keep the girls from showing too much.
- in case anyone is wondering the cowl i'm wearing with the tunic is my new pattern "the lansbury cowl". you can find it here if you're so inclined.

 have you made the tova tunic before?  how did you like it?  what tunic have you been wanting to make?  are you joining in and doing some selfish sewing this year too?  i love hearing what you guys are whipping up so join in the conversation :)