feet in tofino from's been a wee bit quiet here because i've been away :)  we went on a mini-vacay for the last 4 days!  we were lucky enough to getaway for a wonderful little holiday to one of our favorite places - tofino, bc.  we were married in tofino on mackenzie beach and haven't had a chance to go back since then.  so we decided it was high time we packed the kids in the car and made a road trip to one of our fave places and also one of the most magical ones we've ever been too.  it honestly is breathtaking.  i can't wait to go back again. for real. i'm already

 family trip tofino on

needless to say we had a great time!  we got home last night after a weekend filled with AMAZING weather! the kind of weather tofino just doesn't get that often.  so my condo is filled with bags, piles of dirty laundry, toys, more bags and well, just all the stuff that you cart with you on a road trip with 2 kids that you are just too darn hot and tired to put away when you get

so i'm taking today to clean the darn place up or attempt to cause it's just plain hot here too! don't get me wrong, i am definitely not complaining about this sunshine. it is glorious and feels so darn nice,  but its like an oven over here in my condo so we'll see how much i actually get done.  i've got lots of pics to show you soon and some fun posts this week as well. i also sent out our very first email newsletter for the blog right before we left! did you get one?  what did you think? you likey? i had so much fun putting it together!  i'd love to hear your thoughts.
i also have a winner to announce today! don't think i've forgotten about the gorgeous sweet fiber yarns giveaway!!! our lucky winner is..................commenter #42 - andee!!! congratulations andee!!!! you are one lucky lady!!!  someone will be in touch with you today. thanks to all of you who entered and to the lovely melissa of sweet fiber yarns for her generous & oh so lovely prize!

in the meantime fill me in on what you've been up to.  what have you been making & creating?  have you been sewing or knitting?  have you been to tofino before? i want to hear about it. i missed you guys!