levenwick for ttt kal
pattern: levenwick by gudrun johnston 
oh man....my spring tops, tanks & tees knit along projects has come to a dead halt for me.  i'm now sitting and typing this post, staring at my project and drinking a venti (yes venti) coffee from starbucks (it was my free drink so don't judge..lol. who doesn't order a venti when it's free right?). the fear of running out of yarn has taken over my excitement for the finished project.  i spent 4 hours knitting with my gals on sat night and i'm still not at the bottom of the cardi. i'm now into the 3rd skein and only have 1 left! 1 left to do the button band, a pocket and 2 sleeves?!!!!!!!! CRAZYTOWN people!  crazy. it's keeping me up at night. lol. die hard knitters will understand this dread and concern. i'm fretting big time but too darn lazy to search for more yarn and too darn stubborn to give up my hope that i can indeed perform a miracle and salvadge the project without more yarn. oh my...someone slap me out of it.  or at least tell me i can do it. one or the other..lol.

levenwick for ttt kal

my plan of attack is to finish the bottom, do the button band and then weigh what i have left.  then do the sleeves dividing up the portion of yarn left over and see how far i get and then at that point order and hunt for more yarn.  darn it all.  i highly doubt i will make the deadline......but speaking of deadlines how are you all doing?  are we leaning towards an extension like normal? would you like 1 or 2 more weeks? let me know and we'll make it happen.  i need an consensus though peeps and because i'm all diplomatic and stuff (i just voted for our election last night - what a gong show that was but i digress) i've added a little poll into this post just for your voting pleasure.  let me know your thoughts and i'll do my best to make the end of the kal a happy one for us all :)

i'm hoping the poll will distract from the fact that i did indeed promise a shot of my cardi on my human body and not my dream size dress form (she's a 34" bust - i'm 41..lmao!). i did not get a pic taken. i'm hoping for next week. it just may happen.  i gotta nag the hubs and you all know how our photo shoots go.  they always end in me drinking alcohol to calm my nerves.

this week has been a weird one for my kal project. instead of knitting on my project i've been worrying about it which has been deterring me from working on it so i then in turn distract myself by watching knitting podcasts.  now watching podcasts is a bit new for me.  i'm slowly building up my faves.  this week i found 2 new to me ones that i really enjoyed!  the first one is hosted by a gal in our kal who knits one handed!  she's such a sweetheart and her podcast is shot in hawaii! ummmm...can i come live there with you? so gorgeous!  you can find her podcast "singlehandedknitter" on her website and her ravelry group of the same name here. thanks for the shout out melissa in your most recent podcast!

i also stumbled up on the "must stash" podcast. love these gals!  beware though...once i started watching i wanted to watch them all in a row. such a fun duo these gals are!  i was excited to see one of them was making jane's pattern grace! yay! check it out if you're looking for one filled with yarny goodness! you can find the must stash podcast here and all of their social media and ravelry info is on their blog.

so in the true manner of allowing me to continue to self soothe and procrastinate what are your fave knitting podcasts to watch?  fill me in!  i'm thinking it might be fun to put a fun list together in our ravelry group as a resource. whatcha think? 

remember to vote in the poll about the deadline above!  i've also got coffee and tea on the go for you all...so pull up a seat, come cry with me over my sweater and then i can cheer yours on cause judging by the pics in our rav group you gals are doing AMAZING! DROOLWORTHY! some people are on their 3rd projects!!! thank you for knitting with me :)

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