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i recently ordered some fabric that was on for a steal and a half! like $2/yd kind of steal! can we say wearable muslin anyone? yesssss. that's right. i'm getting ready to start my selfish sewing binge soon (looking for patterns to try? check out our independent pattern designer roundup)!  in the meantime though i keep looking at the fabrics i have hoarded for selfish sewing and then looking at my patterns and i just can't decide which ones to go with what.

fabric love on
fabrics above from
while looking at my pile of fabric i also realized that i must be on a floral binge.  these prints remind me fondly of my early 90's years. i love that floral long dresses and short dresses are around again. and $2/yd! you can't go wrong people! even with hefty shipping charges to canada - ouch! ouch! ouch! i also still have the stunningly soft double gauze and some liberty cotton (shown below) that i've been hoarding as well. it's going to be so hard to cut into that gauze - it really is soooo soft and truly a treat for me to have. i got them both on sale for a great price a month or so ago.

fabric love on
1. muddy works currant in citron from kokka 2. cranston in colorway d from liberty from pink castle fabrics
here's the patterns i currently have and am wanting to make this year (this is of course if i find a way to add 10 more hours to my day).
the entire breakwater collection by megan nielsen 
breakwater collection from megan nielsen patterns

another wiksten tank & another tova by wiksten

wiksten tank & tova top patterns from wiksten

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> roxanne & satsuki by victory patterns
Roxanne & Satsuki patterns from Victory Patterns

any suggestions? are you sewing any of the patterns above? what fabrics are you using? any online shops you recommend for "apparel fabrics"? i'm on the hunt for some lovely shirting for the hawthorn dress. it's the only one i don't have any fabric for yet.

fill me in ladies! i want to know what you're making! wishing you all a lovely, handmade, coffee & tea, friends and family filled kinda weekend. i'm taking my oldest to her first concert! we're going to see taylor swift! i'm so excited! but more on that next week <3