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hello my lovelies! i hope you've all had a wonderful week and are looking forward to the weekend as much as i am!  

life has been chaos over here this week. i have worked harder this last week or so than i ever have in my life...well except for giving birth that is. the "secret project" has a deadline right around the a week around the corner. eek! plus i've got the sally dress testing in mid swing amongst other projects so this momma is working a lot. my poor kiddos have been having to be real creative with play time (don't you just love our egg carton caterpillars? i ran out of glue so the eyes are taped on, had no pipe cleaners left so we used straws and i was too lazy to clean up paint so they used's that for a crafty mom..lmao!) and have shown great patience and understanding in regards to this weeks schedule for me.

egg carton caterpillars on
sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do and after the next few days are over i will make it up to them in spades :) they are already excited about what i have have any other moms had to do this with their jobs or a big life experience where other things have just had to be put on hold? i'd love to hear your tips if you have. i could definitely use them. thankfully the hubs took a few days off this week for me to work and the kids and him had a BLAST. i was sad to miss out but grateful for the quiet time in the house which is a miracle around here.

i also wanted to pop in and announce the winners of the "sew sweetness bag pattern giveaway"!!! 

i love sara's patterns and i'm so excited to announce the winners!!!! woot woot! it was such a generous prize for her to give! you ready to know who won?

the first winner is commenter #39 - paula
the second winner is commenter #128 - mel
the third winner is commenter #220 -  becky from

congratulations ladies!!! we'll be in touch with you soon! and thank you to all who entered as well as to sara for the awesome giveaway! you can find all things sew sweetness here:

 what have you been up to this week? have you been knitting/sewing/crafting? what projects do you have on the go? any tips for this busy mom? let's chat...coffees on & i miss you gals!

wishing you all a wonderful and relaxing weekend filled with yummy coffee, good friends, your fave crafts, cuddles and lots of smiles! xoxoxo see you on monday!