we're only one week away from the start of our summer sweater knit along 2013! so excited you guys and i know you all have been too!  so in preparation for our upcoming kal it's time to start our pin board!

we can't have our knit along without our pinterest board! so come follow & tell your knitter friends to come follow too! the more the merrier!

last kal we tried out a new way of organizing all of our fave patterns and inspirational images for projects. i love doing roundups but found it was getting to be quite the list of lovelies we were all drooling over! a sure testament to the mad skills of the knitting designers out there right now! so we tried out having a kal pin board and it was soooo fun!

so much fun in fact we're doing it again! can i get a woot woot!

i've already starting pinning like mad (sorry followers for the mass pinning of sweaters in one brief time period...please don't unfollow me) and hope you all can join in too! i want to know which sweaters you are trying madly to decide between, the ones that keep you up at night because you want to knit them so bad, the ones you will spend ALL of your budget on to buy yarn for because you ABSOLUTELY need to make know....those ones :) and don't lie and say you don't have them cause i so know you do my fellow knitters. so spill the beans...

simply leave me a comment below letting me know what your fave sweater patterns are and which ones you'd like to see put on the pin board and i'll add them in!

all the details on how to sign up for the summer sweater kal will be up next week on july 24th! so don't worry, you haven't missed it yet! but you can join in the conversation already a buzz in our ravelry group here.

need some new yarn for your project? hop on over to check out pepperberry knits! heidi makes the loveliest cashmere yarns and is one of our fabulous summer sweater kal sponsors! she's so awesome she's offering all of you 30% OFF all orders till the end of july! sweeeet! she also has free shipping on all orders over $100! use code "sskal2013" to get your 30% off! thanks heidi!!

soooo....what are your sweaters? come on...time for a coffee break! join in the fun!